COD Mobile Sneaky Battles Event: Start/End Date, Challenges, Rewards

The first seasonal challenge is live in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8: Train to Nowhere. Here are the challenges and rewards.

Kilo 141 teal
Unlock the Kilo 141 - Teal Forest in the Sneaky Battles event. | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 8: Train to Nowhere is now out, with the first seasonal challenge going live.

Sneaky Battles is pretty standard fare, with a series of sequential challenges offering up rewards in the shape of credits, battle pass XP, and coupons. There are more sought-after items, though, with a shard for the Manta Ray - Black Gold Operator skin and the Kilo 141 with Teal Forest camo.

Our guide details all the challenges, rewards, and end time, so you don't miss out on some free rewards.

COD Mobile Sneaky Battles Event - Start And End Date

The Sneaky Battles event is live as of the release of Season 8: Train to Nowhere, which kicked off on September 8.

The event is scheduled to run for 35 days, with an end date of October 12, giving you plenty of time to complete the challenges.

Sneaky Battles - Challenges And Rewards

There are six challenges as part of Sneaky Battles, which must be completed in order.

Alongside an item or cosmetic reward, each challenge nets you 1000 battle pass XP, for a total of 6000 XP by completing them all.

Sneaky battles 2
Completing the Sneaky Battles will help you level up the Season 8 battle pass and earn you some rewards. | © Activision Blizzard

The challenges and rewards are:

  • Challenge #1: Play two BR matches OR Play five MP matches
    • Reward: Credits (200) and battle pass XP
  • Challenge #2: Deal 500 damage in BR matches
    • Reward: Ranked Shield Card and battle pass XP
  • Challenge #3: Travel 1000 meters with any vehicle in BR matches
    • Reward: [Shard] Manta Ray - Black Gold and battle pass XP
  • Challenge #4: Pick up a customized weapon from an airdrop in BR matches three times
    • Reward: Kilo 141 - Teal Forest camo and battle pass XP
  • Challenge #5: Kill 15 enemies in BR matches OR kill 30 enemies in MP matches
    • Reward: Silver Crate Coupon and battle pass XP
  • Challenge #6: Place in the top 5 in a battle royale match twice OR win two MP matches
    • Reward: Lucky Box Coupon and battle pass XP

This challenge is really all about the battle royale mode, and while you can complete most challenges within the standard multiplayer, it will be easier within the BR mode.

We highly suggest you work through the Sneaky Battles event as it will make leveling up the Train to Nowhere battle pass, which includes the new ZRG 20mm sniper rifle, a gun some have already branded "broken."

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