How To Get Gold Camo In COD Mobile (2023)

Here's how you can get Gold Camo for your weapons in COD: Mobile.

Gold Camo COD Mobile
The Gold Camo is one of the four special camos you can get in COD: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

The Gold Camo is one of the special camos players can get and use in COD: Mobile for free. Having the Gold Camo in the game shows your expertise and skill, as obtaining it is a daunting task involving much grinding.

On top of that, since the game doesn't precisely tell you how to unlock Gold Camos, many new players find it hard to obtain it. So to help you out, we prepared this handy guide on how to get Gold Camo in COD: Mobile.

How To Get Gold Camo In COD Mobile

Gold Camo COD Mobile 2 jfif
Here's a look at M4's Gold Camo in COD: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

In COD: Mobile, you can get the special Gold Camo for any weapon by first collecting all camos under the six grindable camos categories, namely Sand, Dragon, Splinter, Tiger, Jungle, and Reptile. Once that is done, you will unlock the Gold Camo for the respective weapon.

Remember that Gold Camo unlocked on a particular weapon cannot be applied on a different gun. For example, suppose you met the criteria and unlocked the Gold Camo for your M4 and now want the Gold Camo for the ASM10. In that case, you must once again unlock all camos under the above-listed grindable camos categories for the ASM10.

That is why grinding Gold Camos in COD: Mobile is daunting, as the game offers a wide selection of weapons under different categories. And to get Gold Camo for all of them, you must unlock all existing camos for the weapon.

That being out of the way, each of the grindable camos categories in COD: Mobile offers ten camos, and you can unlock them by completing the respective task. Now, if you are wondering what are these tasks? Well! These range from killing enemies from hip fire to leveling up the respective weapon, getting a set number of kills, and so on.

To summarize things, here is what you must do to unlock Gold Camo for a particular weapon in COD: Mobile -

COD Mobile Multiplayer Screen jfif
Tap on the Loadout button available at the bottom. | © Activision Blizzard
  • Open COD: Mobile.
  • Tap the 'Loadout' option at the bottom of the 'Multiplayer' screen.
Loadout Menu COD Mobile jfif
Select the weapon for which you want to unlock Gold Camo in COD: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard
  • Select the primary or secondary weapon slot.
  • Navigate through the weapon category and select the weapon you want to unlock the Gold Camo.
  • Once done, tap on 'Gunsmith.'
Gunsmith COD Mobile jfif
In the Gunsmith menu, you can customize attachments and camos for the selected weapon. | © Activision Blizzard
  • Now, tap the 'Camo' button on the bottom left side of the game screen.
  • Tap any of the grindable camos categories in the Camo menu to open the 'Camo-Type' menu.
Camo Menu COD Mobile
Select any of the grindable camos. | © Activision Blizzard
  • Now, go through the grindable camos categories, tap on individual camos, and check their unlock criteria.
  • Do this till you unlock all grindable camos to unlock Gold Camo.

That concludes our guide on how to get Gold Camo in COD: Mobile.

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