Fortnite Announces Huge Increases To V-Bucks Prices In Some Countries

You're not hallucinating if you noticed that the prices of V-Bucks have increased in Fortnite. It's part of a change that has affected several countries.

Fortnite V Bucks
The prices of V-Bucks in Fortnite will be increased. | © Epic Games

If you're a frequent purchaser of V-Bucks, then this is news you'll need to hear. Starting July 17, 2023, Fortnite will be making adjustments to the prices of V-Bucks in select countries. They cite economic factors such as inflation and currency fluctuations as the need to do so.

This change affects Canada, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. They follow other countries that were affected by price changes made earlier in 2021.

Here are the V-Bucks price changes in detail:

Vbucks New Price
An overview of the V-Bucks price changes. | © Epic Games

On top of this, the prices for several Fortnite packs will also be adjusted when they become available in future rotations. It includes the Dark Reflections, Lava Legends, Magma Masters, Summer Legends, and the Wish, Set, Match Quest Pack.

Despite these changes, the Fortnite Crew subscription price will remain at $15.99 Canadian Dollars, $249 Mexican Pesos, and £9.99 British Pounds in the respective countries.

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