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Age Of Empires Mobile Is Official And Is "Coming Soon"

Age of Empires Mobile has been officially announced, with a teaser trailer released as part of the franchise's 25th-anniversary celebrations.

Age of Empires Mobile World’s Edge Xbox Game Studios
Age of Empires is finally coming to mobile. | © World’s Edge / Xbox Game Studios

The time for speculation is over; it is official, Age of Empires Mobile is real, and it's coming soon.

The announcement was made during the franchise's 25th-anniversary broadcast that took place on October 25, and while it only arrived with a short cinematic trailer, news of the game's very existence is enough to set the pulse racing.

Rumors of a potential Age of Empires mobile game have been doing the rounds for a while now.

In June of this year, we reported that TiMi Studio, the Tencent-owned developers of mobile titles such as Call of Duty: Mobile, were working on an Age of Empires mobile title - and had been for possibly a year.

That game has the working title of 'Return to Empire' and is being developed in collaboration with Xbox Games Studio. It's not yet clear if the game announced tonight is the same, with the trailer making no mention of the TiMi Studios.

Age Of Empires Mobile Is Coming Soon, But Gameplay Details Are Light

Age of Empire Mobile's 24-second trailer reveals nothing of gameplay. Instead, we get a one-camera shot of the outskirts of a medieval village; in the distance, there is a fort wall, and further on the hill, a castle. The gates of the fort walls open, and out stream a unit of mounted cavalry, charging at full speed down a dirt road.

The trailer ends with a promise that the game is "coming soon".

So, not much to go on, but we did get a little bit more information in the written recap featured on the Age of Empires website. On Age of Empires Mobile, it said:

We shared a teaser trailer for a whole new way to play Age of Empires as it heads to mobile. This uniquely designed, visually stunning game will allow you to build your empire on the go. If the teaser has you excited, there’ll be more to share in the not too distant future. So stay tuned….

Away from mobile, it was a big night for the franchise as a whole. Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires IV were revealed to be coming to Xbox consoles in 2023.

A new anniversary edition of Age of Empires IV, which adds the Malian and Ottoman civilizations, was also announced on the night and is available now. Age of Mythology is also getting the definitive edition treatment, to be released as Age of Mythology Retold.