King Levels Have Been Reworked In Clash Royale

Supercell has announced that King Levels will be reworked to improve the matchmaking experience in Clash Royale.

King Level Rework Clash Royale
King Levels have been reworked in the recent Clash Royale update. | © Supercell

After much feedback from the community, Supercell will finally be reworking King Levels in Clash Royale. Announced in what is set to be the biggest game update in recent times, a flurry of new in-game features was revealed including a new ranked mode and two new cards. Amongst that is the aforementioned King Level rework.

This rework is set to improve to overall matchmaking experience in Clash Royale as well as to provide players with more rewards. That being said, let's go over the King Level rework in detail.

King Levels Will Separate From Crown Levels In Rework

Rework Table Clash Royale
Supercell has reworked the King Levels in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

The rework will separate the King Level from your Crown Tower level in Clash Royale. King Levels will now be able to go up to a maximum of level 50. The Crown Tower level will now be called 'Tower Power' where the maximum level will still be level 14 and apply to both King and Princess Towers.

In this rework, your current King Level will be converted into a new King Level. This is a conversion chart for what to expect when the King Level rework is released on October 26:

Old King LevelNew King Level
Level 1Level 1
Level 2Level 2
Level 3Level 3
Level 4Level 5
Level 5Level 7
Level 6Level 10
Level 7Level 14
Level 8Level 18
Level 9Level 22
Level 10Level 26
Level 11Level 30
Level 12Level 34
Level 13Level 38
Level 14Level 42

The main reason behind this rework is due to the community's feedback for better matchmaking. By introducing additional King Levels to Clash Royale, players can be more fairly matched against one another. On top of that, you will be able to get more rewards as with the addition of the new King Levels, you will be able to receive Level Up Chests more often.

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