Dead By Daylight Mobile Legion Guide: Best Build, Perks, More (2023)

We'll show you the best build, perks, and more for the Legion in Dead By Daylight Mobile.

Legion guide
Guy Fawkes has nothing on the Legion in Dead By Daylight Mobile. | © Behaviour Interactive

Frank Morrison, Susie Lavoie, Joey, and Julie Kostenko are called the Legion in Dead by Daylight Mobile. They're four teenagers who are obsessed with killing and want to have as much twisted fun as possible.

Unlike other killers in the game, the Legion is an original killer that the dev team over at Behavior Interactive created for the game. As such, it takes some getting used to if you want to master their perks and assemble the perfect build.

Lucky for you, we've got a complete guide to the Legion in Dead By Daylight Mobile.

Dead By Daylight Mobile - The Legion's Power

Joe, one part of the Legion. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Legion has the Power: Feral Frenzy. Activating Feral Frenzy will allow the Legion to run quickly and deliver chain attacks between multiple survivors. When the power gauge is full you can initiate Feral Frenzy. Activating Feral Frenzy allows the Legion to move quicker and gain access to Feral Vault and Feral Slash.

Feral Vault allows the Legion to do a swift vault over any Pallet or Window.

With Feral Slash, hitting a survivor will put them in an Injured State and inflicts a Deep Wound effect. Additionally, this refills the Legion's power gauge, and all survivors within the Terror Radius not affected by the Deep Wound status effect have their location revealed.

The Legion's Unique Perks

Unique Perks Legion
The Legion has several unique perks. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Legion has three unique perks: Discordance, Mad Grit, and Iron Maiden.

Here's a description of each perk:

DiscordanceAny generator within a range of 96 meters that is being repaired by two or more survivors is marked by a yellow aura.
Mad Grit
While carrying a survivor, you suffer no cool-down on missed attacks.
Iron MaidenIron Maiden increases your locker and search speed by 40%. Survivors who exit a locker suffer from afflictions such as revealing their location via a scream for four seconds and being Exposed for 30 seconds.

The Best Legion Build In Dead By Daylight Mobile

The Legion Build
Destroy your opponents with the best Legion build. | © Behaviour Interactive

The best four perks you can equip for the best Legion build in Dead by Daylight Mobile are:

  • Fearmonger
  • Spies from the Shadows
  • Whispers
  • Jolt

For Fearmonger, all survivors repairing a Generator suffer from Blindness and Exhaustion.

Spies from the Shadows allows crows found in the environment to communicate directly with the killer. When a crow is altered to a survivor it will startle a nearby survivor and alert you.

With Whispers, when a survivor is within your location you will be alerted of their whereabouts.

With Jolt, when you put a survivor into the dying state all generators within 32 meters will instantly explode and regress.

All of these perks allow the Legion to always be in the chase of survivors and have a constant vision of survivors. Combining these with the Legion's Feral Frenzy will have you consistently breathing down the necks of survivors.

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