Diablo Immortal Bug Is Costing Players Millions Of XP

The Diablo Immortal XP bug might be "fixed" but many are still finding issue with it.

Diablo immortal
Diablo Immortal XP bug is robbing players of their rewards. | © Activision Blizzard

It is safe to say Diablo Immortal hasn't exactly had the best headlines since its launch. From its egregious monetization and pay2win mechanics to its delay in China due to an unwelcomed picture of Winnie the Pooh posted to the game's Weibo page. Thankfully, for the developers at least, that hasn't stopped them from making bags full of cash.

One high point had been the actual game, which many felt had faithfully brought the Diablo experience to mobile with great dungeon crawling, an extensive class system, and plenty of character customization to be had.

Though it turns out even that core experience isn't without its faults, the developers have admitted that a bug is stopping players from gaining the XP they have earned.

Diablo Immortal Players Are Missing Out On XP From Battle Pass

The issue with the missing XP is one that Blizzard is well aware of, having previously attempted to patch out the problem.

As reported by PCGamesN, earlier in July, players were claiming they weren't receiving XP rewards for progressing the game's battle pass.

"I completed bounties and finished a battle pass rank,” writes one user on Reddit. “The XP animation played but the XP bar did not increase at all.

In the same thread, others tailed the millions of XP they had missed out: “I lost around 6 levels so far,” claimed another. “I didn’t get XP from the last two level ups.”

Blizzard responded on July 24, when a community lead posted on Reddit, explaining the developer was issuing a hotfix for the bug.

"The team is going through to calculate each individual’s lost XP through the time periods affected by this bug. We have this data. The XP will be delivered once we go through the data."

That has now happened with players receiving in-game messages detailing how much XP they are owed. Not everyone is happy, though, as it turns out those Paragon XP bonuses aren't in play, meaning they are getting significantly less than they expected.