Hyper Front Hero Tier List: All Heroes Ranked From Best To Worst

With potentially 12 to choose from, knowing the best heroes in Hyper Front can be the difference between winning and losing. Our tier list will get you up to speed.

Hyper Front Outbreak
Who are the best heroes in Hyper Front? | © NetEase

Hyper Front has had its global launch, and while it has hardly managed to shake the tag of "Valorant clone," it still makes for a decent mobile tactical shooter.

With the global launch came a brand new map and three new heroes, bringing the roster of playable characters up to 12.

And while many of these agents... sorry, heroes have a similar appearance and abilities to those seen in Valorant, there are tangible differences.

For starters, Hyper Front's heroes have three abilities; two basics and one ultimate, compared to Valorant's four, with the result being more akin to a mashing up of characters and their abilities. For example, Valorant's Sage can be seen in Hyper Front's Cloudcast (wall, slow orbs) and Cure Light (healing, resurrection).

Unlocking heroes also takes much longer than with Valorant's contract system, and it can also prove pretty expensive if you resign to stumping up the cash to speed up the process, and that's why it's important you know who are the best heroes in Hyper Front⁠—because there would be nothing worse than grinding for a hero, unlocking them, and then discovering they're a dud.

That's where this Hyper Front hero tier list comes in, as we rank each of the game's heroes from best to worst; saving you some time and ultimately giving you an advantage on the server.

Hyper Front - Hero Tier List (Season 2)

As mentioned before, there are 12 heroes in Hyper Front, five of which you will unlock within the first couple of hours of playing. The rest must be unlocked using a Hero File, gold coins, or Star Quartz.

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Hyper Front has 12 heroes; we rank them in this hero tier list. | © NetEase

Deciding who to choose can prove tricky, so we've ranked each of the 12 heroes from S to D-Tier, with S being the best and D being the bottom of the barrel.

Let's get into it.


  • Thunder
  • Blink
  • Bloodraider
  • Coldcast
  • Storm

Four agents stand out for us during Season 2, and these are, what we would consider, the best heroes in Hyper Front.

Thunder has a Jett-like dash and an invincibility skill that can be activated after a kill or assist. A perfect entry hero and one who should be on every team.

A mix between Reyna and Yoru, a flash that only works on opponents (and which can also be destroyed), a teleport, and an ultimate that makes you invisible, makes Blink an absolute menace.

Bloodraider is the duelist to end all duelists (or, as Hyper Front has come to call them, Brawlers). With the ability to heal off of killed/assisted opponents, some of the most usable flash grenades in the game make Bloodraider an easy-to-use and highly effective hero.

If you want to hold down a site, pre- or post-plant, Coldcast is your gal. With slowing orbs, a big ice wall, and an area denial orbital strike, if this hero wants to stop you in your tracks, there isn't a lot you can do about it.

Storm is Hyper Front's best smoker, with the ability to place 1-3 smokes across a large expanse of the map using his trusty tablet-like device. His purchasable ability is slow/vulnerability molly, and his ultimate delivers an electrifying ordinance from the sky. Versatile and uncomplicated, Storm is a must-pick.


  • Blast
  • Sentinel
  • Valkyrie

Blast is Raze without the boom bot. Plenty of offensive potential and the ability to leap higher than any other player offers him the ability to get to parts of the maps other heroes can't. For that reason alone, he earns his place in the A-tier.

One of a pair of Scouts, Sentinel has a Sova-like drone that can help you gain map information and is the best such tool in the game. His purchasable is an EMP molly which alerts you when triggered, and his ultimate is a doozy, two homing grenades that, when launched, go in search of opponents.

The second of two Guardians in the game (the other is Coldcast), Valkyrie is a powerful hero that excels in post-plant situations. A peaceable turret alerts you to opponents and starts chipping at their health, while two placeable shields allow you to create new angles and cover. Her ultimate is a get-out-of-free-jail card, launching an orbital strike on any opponent who finds themselves near you when used.


  • Faith Arrow
  • Veil

Faith Arrow is Sova sans the drone. Her scout arrows are tricky to use with Hyper Front's touch controls, while her flaming arrows (another molly) prove more effective. Her ultimate, a throw-the-wall dart, is also too situational, meaning when it comes to Scouts, you are better off with Sentinel.

Veil is the game's version of Viper, though her abilities have none of that post-plant potential that makes the toxic queen so powerful. Ironically, her best ability is her free basic, where she throws up a wall of sand, allowing you to cut up sites and make life easy on entry.


  • Nemesis

Nemesis is one of the game's newest heroes and also one of its more fun to use, but that doesn't necessarily make them effective. His free basic is a Yoru-like decoy that players can teleport to, while his purchasable creates an instant smoke where you are standing. His ultimate is undoubtedly his most useful ability, giving him effectively a second life a la Pheonix.


  • Cure Light

Take Sage and strip her of her slowing orbs and wall, and you have Cure Light. There will always be a space for a healer in any game, but your efforts to keep your teammates alive can often feel in vain. You'll be better served by choosing a hero that can deal some damage.

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