Hyper Front Will Be Shut Down, Servers To Close On April 10

NetEase has revealed in a surprise announcement that it will be shutting down Hyper Front.

Hyper Front Shutdown
Hyper Front will be closing its doors soon. | © NetEase

We've got bad news for fans of NetEase's futuristic 5v5 FPS mobile game, Hyper Front. It has been announced that the game will be permanently shutting down.

The devs aren't wasting any time as they plan on ceasing server operations on April 10, 2023. Until that fateful date, you will be able to continue playing matches and access existing game content.

No official reason was given as to why NetEase decided to close down one of its more popular new titles. However, it seems likely that its closure may be due to Riot Games suing NetEase at the end of 2022. Riot believes that Hyper Front is a "straight-up copy" of Valorant and plagiarized many of the game's characters, maps, weapons, and more.

For some, this legal issue didn't come as a surprise as many players had described Hyper Front as a Valorant clone due to its striking similarities. It seems like Riot took notice and piled on the legal troubles as they issued lawsuits in several countries with the hope of shutting Hyper Front down for good.

But, we're not going to get too ahead of ourselves as the lawsuits and their conclusions are far from over. As far as we know, Hyper Front will be closing its doors soon, so you better get the most out of the game while you still can.

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