Legends Of Runeterra: Arclight Event Quests And Rewards

Riot has launched a massive month-long Arclight event that you can take part in to win event-exclusive rewards. Here are all the details, quests, and rewards.

Legends of Ruenterra Arclight Event Quests Rewards Guide Riot Games
Here are all the quests and rewards you can find in the Arclight event of Legends of Runeterra! | © Riot Games

Ancient evils have awoken across all of Runeterra! You will need to take charge of the divine Arclight to banish the darkness and restore order to the lands in this huge Legends of Runeterra Arclight event.

Swiftly after the 'Domination' expansion launch, this event kicked off in full swing, just as Riot promised some time ago. In this event, there will be several exclusive quests that you can complete to be rewarded with new Icons, Cards, Emotes, and new Champion Skins.

Legends Of Runeterra Arclight Event - Start/End Date

The Arclight Event will be available in Legends of Ruenterra between October 12 at 10 am PDT and November 16 at 10 am PDT.

Legends Of Runeterra Arclight Event - Event Pass

Legends of Runeterra Arclight event pass rewards guides Riot Games
A special Event Pass will be available at the Arclight event. | © Riot Games

An 'Arclight Event Pass' will be available during this event. You will have to complete Arclight event quests to collect Arclight Sigils to claim the rewards available in this event pass.

You can upgrade to a 'Premium Event Pass' for 975 coins if you want to access all Arclight Event Pass rewards.

This is a snapshot of some of the rewards you will be able to unlock along the Arclight Event road:

  • Arclight Vayne and Champion
  • Arclight Varus and Champion
  • Vayne and Varus Champion Fragments (in The Path of Champions)
  • Prismatic Varus and Seraphine
  • 7 Golden Chests, 9 Platinum Chests, and 2 Diamond Chests
  • 6 Champion Capsules
  • 4 Emotes, 2 Arclight Card Backs, and 3 Player Icons
  • 3 Rare Wildcards, 3 Epic Wildcards, and 2 Champion Wildcards
  • 5 Prismatic Rewards
  • 2 Epic cards (3 copies each) and 2 Rare Cards (3 copies each)

Legends Of Runeterra Arclight Event - Quests

Legends of Runeterra Arclight event quests guide Riot Games
Here's an overview of all five quest types in the Arclight event. | © Riot Games

A variety of quests will be available in the Arclight event. They are divided into Early Bird, Repeatable, Chain, Epic, and 'The Path of Champion' quests.

Let's go over all of them and the rewards you can get.

Early Bird Quests

You can purchase the Premium Event Pass before October 25 to unlock access to the Early Bird Quest.

This is the Early Bird Quest in detail:

The Darkin Horde

Play 30 Cultist/Darkin cards OR play 30 Burst spells

20 Arclight Sigils and 1 rare Prismatic chest

Repeatable Quests

There will be a repeatable quest that you can complete throughout the Arclight event to collect Arclight Sigils.

This is the Repeatable Quest in detail:

Quest NameRequirementReward
Order & Chaos

Win 6 matchmade OR AI games (matchmade games count double)

6 Arclight Sigils

Chain Quests

Legends of Runeterra Arclight event chain quest rewards guide Riot Games
These are all the chain quests and rewards. | © Riot Games

You will be able to progress through the Arclight event by completing quests one after the other in what is known as 'quest chains'. That means you must complete the quests in the order we've listed below.

There are two quest chains that you can complete. Chain 1 will be available at the beginning of the Arclight event. However, chain 2 can only be unlocked once you reach level 30 of the Event Pass.

Here are all of the chain 1 quests and respective awards:

Chain 1

Quest NameRequirementReward
Darkness DescendsKill or Obliterate 2 or more enemy units in a round 15 times5 Arclight Sigils
Target PracticeDeal 30 non-combat damage5 Arclight Sigils
Rally CrySummon more than 1 unit in a round 15 times5 Arclight Sigils
Battle MedicHeal damaged allies 20 times5 Arclight Sigils
Strength In NumbersPlay 10+ cards in a round 5 times OR Have allied units survive damage 40 times7 Arclight Sigils
Sumpworks SpellsSpend 75 mana on spells6 Arclight Sigils
Ethereal ProjectionsPlay cards or summon units that weren't in your starting deck 20 times7 Arclight Sigils
The Black MistPlay fleeting cards or summon ephemeral units 25 times OR Deal 5+ spell damage in a round 50 times7 Arclight Sigils
Global CorruptionPlay 20 multi-region cards7 Arclight Sigils
Quick ThinkingSummon 15+ units in a round OR Play 135 rounds9 Arclight Sigils

Chain 2

Here are the chain 2 quests and their respective rewards:

Quest NameRequirementReward
Ritual SummoningSpend 50 mana on champions5 Arclight Sigils
Radiant BeamsPlay 20 spells that cost 2 mana or less5 Arclight Sigils
Death & DecaySee 3 or more units die in a round 20 times5 Arclight Sigils
Galaxy GuardianTarget 35 enemies5 Arclight Sigils
Harmonic ConvergenceHave units in play from 4 regions in a matchmade game OR Win games with any remaining Nexus health (155 health total)7 Arclight Sigils
Burst of LightPlay 35 spells with 5+ cost6 Arclight Sigils
Master of DestinyPlay 30 units that cost 4+ mana7 Arclight Sigils
Critical HitsStrike enemies outside combat 25 times7 Arclight Sigils
Unleash the HeavensDeal 35 damage or more in a round 5 times OR Strike with 2 or more units in a round 80 times7 Arclight Sigils
Divine LightLevel up champions 4 times in a single matchmade game 2 times OR Draw 300 cards9 Arclight Sigils

Epic Quests

Legends of Runeterra Arclight Event Epic Quests Rewards Guide Riot Games
Epic quests will be released every week for the duration of the Arclight event. | © Riot Games

Besides the regular quest chains, there will also be a variety of Epic quest chains that you can complete to earn Arclight Sigils and event-exclusive Icons. There will be five Epic quest chains. A new Epic quest chain will be released every week at 10 am PDT.

Here are all the Epic quest chains and their respective rewards:

Start DateQuestRequirementReward

Varus' Unstoppable Force

Deal 60 damage to the enemy Nexus with Overwhelm units OR Target allies 40 times8 Arclight Sigils
12/10/2022Varus' Blade In HandStrike with 'Equipped' units 28 times OR Spend 510 mana10 Arclight Sigils
12/10/2022Varus' Piercing ArrowStrike with Varus while equipping The Darkin Bow 16 times OR Raise the power of allies in play 130 times14 Arclight Sigils and Arclight Varus icon
19/10/2022Vayne's Bladed FervorStart a free attack 50 times8 Arclight Sigils
19/10/2022Vayne's Cheap TricksPlay cards with reduced cost 42 times OR Strike enemy units 280 times10 Arclight Sigils

Vayne's Swift Death

Play Vayne's Tumble 6 times OR Play 65 matchmade games (wins count triple)14 Arclight Sigils and Arclight Vayne icon
26/10/2022Seraphine's Radiant BeamsPlay 40 spells that cost 2 or less mana8 Arclight Sigils
Seraphine's Flash of InspirationPlay created cards 42 times10 Arclight Sigils
Seraphine's ShowWin 6 games with leveled-up Seraphine OR Play 95 Fast spells14 Arclight Sigils and Arclight Seraphine icon
02/11/2022Shyvana's Fiery RampageActivate Fury 60 times OR Deal 960 damage with units effects8 Arclight Sigils
Shyvana's Surprise AttackStrike enemies outside combat 48 times OR Deal 960 Nexus damage10 Arclight Sigils
Shyvana's Inner SpiritLevel up Shyvana 8 times OR Start an attack 160 times14 Arclight Sigils and Arclight Shyvana icon
Galio's Benevolent BlessingRaise the health of allies in play 48 times8 Arclight Sigils


Galio's Stone SkinPlay 'Formidable' units 48 times10 Arclight Sigils


Galio, Protector of DemaciaPlay Galio's Shield of Durand 8 times OR Win 30 matchmade or AI games with 20 or more Nexus health remaining14 Arclight Sigils and Arclight Galio icon

The Path Of Champions Quests

Legends of Runeterra Arclight Event The Path of Champions Quest Rewards Guide Riot Games
The Path of Champions will have its own set of special Arclight event quests. | © Riot Games

There will also be special quests that you can complete in 'The Path of Champions'. These quests will be available on October 12 at 10 am PDT.

Here are all the quests in 'The Path of Champions' and their respective rewards:

Quest NameRequirementReward
The Path BeginsWin 5 adventures in The Path of Champions

Yuumi Champ Fragments x 5

Walk the PathReach level 12 with Vayne, Varus, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Gnar, or TeemoVayne Champ Fragments x 10
Demonstrate Your SkillEarn an A or S badge on adventures of 2.5-Stars or higherTeemo Champ Fragments x 10
Honored By The FatesStar up Vayne, Varus, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Gnar, or Teemo to 2-StarsWild Fragments x 10
Stand VictoriousReach level 20 with Vayne, Varus, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Gnar, or TeemoSilver Reliquary
A Great AdventureBeat a 3+ Star adventure with Vayne, Varus, Tahm Kench, Yuumi, Gnar, or TeemoLost Chapter (Relic)
Master of RuneterraClaim Node 59 of the event pass (When you unlock and claim Prismatic Seraphine at 580 Arclight Sigils, you will also receive the 'Master of Runeterra' quest reward)The Berserker's Buckle (Relic)

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