Legends Of Runeterra: Patch 3.17 Balance Changes

Patch 3.17 is the latest patch update to arrive in Legends of Runeterra. This comes swiftly after the launch of the 'Domination' expansion. Here's what you need to know about the patch.

Nami Lo R3 17
Here are all the details of patch 3.17 in Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

After the launch of the 'Domination' expansion, Riot has updated Legends of Runeterra with a new patch update. Be warned, this is a smaller one compared to the ones that we're used to.

Rather than introducing a flurry of card buffs and nerfs, Riot was focused on fine-tuning the game by fixing several bugs and adjusting the 'landmark' mechanic in Legends of Runeterra. Let's go over all of the details in patch 3.17.

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.17 - Card Adjustments

Nami Card Adjustment
Nami is the only card to be adjusted in patch 3.17 of Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

Only one card will be adjusted in patch 3.17: Nami.

This is the card adjustment:

CardCard Adjustment
  • Card text changed from "When you play a spell, grant +2|+1 to the Weakest other ally that isn't Immobile" → "When you play a spell, grant +2|+0 to the Weakest other ally that isn't Immobile."

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.17 - 'Landmark' Changes

Bug Fixes3 17
Changes to 'landmarks' will be introduced in patch 3.17! | © Riot Games

Riot will be adjusting cards that are triggered after landmarks are destroyed. After the introduction of patch 3.17, these cards will now only trigger when a player destroys their own landmark.

These are the cards that will be affected:

  • Hexplosive Minefield
  • Obelisk of Power
  • Risen Altar
  • Sarcophagus
  • Scrappy Bomb
  • Waste Walker
  • Xerath

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.17 - Bug Fixes

Misc3 17 Lo R
Say goodbye to these bugs! | © Riot Games

Several long-standing bugs will be fixed in patch 3.17.

These are the bug fixes:

  • When a copy of a unit with an item and/or keyword is created, the copy will now correctly have that item and/or keyword.
  • Fixed a visual issue where Burst spells would overlap visually in the player’s hand when played too quickly.
  • Eclectic Collection will no longer fizzle if the player’s deck is out of cards.
  • Fixed a visual issue where some Darkin cards were not displaying accurate buffs when selecting their chosen card.
  • Equipped Darkin Equipment copied by Ornn is now correctly playable as a Darkin unit after returning to hand.
  • The Darkin Bloodletter now correctly mentions Xolaani’s sacrifice requirement.
  • Fixed an issue where Nasus would be fully healed when Stasis’ statue’s countdown is finished after Nasus is obliterated with Ancient Hourglass.
  • Fixed some minor text bugs.
  • Fixed some VO and SFX issues that were either missing or playing incorrectly.

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