Legends Of Runeterra December Hotfix Brings New Nerfs

Several cards were nerfed in a quick hotfix in Legends of Runeterra.

Lo R December Hotfix Banner
Riot has rolled out several card nerfs in the recent hotfix of Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

The Legends of Runeterra World Championship is in full swing, but that hasn't stopped Riot from introducing gameplay changes. Released in a quick hotfix so as not to ruin any preparation for the annual esports tournament, a small batch of overpowered cards were swiftly nerfed.

The devs revealed that we can expect a more detailed set of balance changes early next year. But that being said, let's turn out attention back to the recently introduced card nerfs.

All Nerfs In Legends Of Runeterra December Hotfix

Dec Hot Fix Lo R Banner
Here's a visual guide for the December hotfix nerfs in Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games (via Kieron_Marshall on Reddit)

Four cards were nerfed in the December hotfix. Acolyte's Reliquary, Champion's Strength, and The Unforgiving Cold saw an increase in their card costs. Blooming Cultist, on the other hand, saw the removal of the Attune keyword from its card text.

Here are the card nerfs in detail:

Acolyte's ReliquaryCost increased from 1 → 2
Blooming CultistRemoved Attune keyword
Champion's StrengthCost increased from 8 → 9
The Unforgiving ColdCost increased from 4 → 5

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