Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.21: Balance Changes And Bug Fixes

Patch 3.21 introduces new balance changes and bug fixes to Legends of Runeterra.

Lo R Patch3 21
Balance changes and bug fixes arrive in Legends of Runeterra in patch 3.21. | © Riot Games

The final episode of the Darkin Saga, the World Ender expansion, has finally landed in Legends of Runeterra. The epic conclusion to the themed series brings three new champions - Aatrox, Kayle, and Ryze - and a flurry of other cards.

With the introduction of new content, Riot has released another patch to balance the meta and ensure that the game is safe from any game-breaking bugs.

Let's dive into all the details about patch 3.21.

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.21 - Balance Changes

Sudden Surge Patch3 21
Sudden Surge was nerfed in patch 3.21. | © Riot Games

Sudden Suge was the only card nerfed in patch 3.21. This is the balance change in detail:

  • 'Grown an ally +5|+5' nerfed to → 'Grow an ally to +4|+4'

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.21 - General Updates

Several general updates were introduced to Legends of Runeterra in patch 3.21.

These are:

  • When Kayn is leveled-up via Aatrox’s ‘World Ender’ spell, he will automatically become Rhaast, since his Shadow Assassin (Blue Kayn) form is technically not a Darkin.
  • If Anaakca summons another Anaakca, the summoned Anaakca’s Attack effect will trigger again and summon another follower.
  • When an Empowered unit falls below the necessary empowered value via other effects (such as frostbite) it will lose its Empowered effect.
  • Cards like Rummage which have you target cards to Discard can’t be included in decks via Ryze’s Origin.
  • Non-Darkin champions are not transformed into their equipped Darkin Weapon when assimilated.

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.21 - Bug Fixes

Lo R patch3 21 bugfixes
Patch 3.21 will resolve some bugs in Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

Five bugs were fixed in Legends of Runeterra after the introduction of patch 3.21.

These are the bug fixes:

  • Master Yi will now apply his Everywhere buff to copies in a deck that are drawn as a unit
  • Fixed a minor issue where Equipment was not always playing its Destroy VFX
  • Morning Light will now no longer fizzle when its target is Silenced or leaves the field
  • Fixed some VO and SFX issues that were either missing or playing incorrectly.
  • Addressed some minor templating bugs.

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