Niantic's New AR Game Is A Basketball Version Of Pokemon GO

NBA All-World is a new augmented reality mobile game from Niantic that incorporates several gameplay elements from their other successful AR game, Pokémon GO.

NB Aallworld Banner
NBA All-World is a new mobile game from Niantic. | © Niantic / NBA

Niantic and the NBA have released their one-of-a-kind AR basketball mobile game, NBA All-World, to the app store shelves on January 24. It's a free-to-play game where you can collect many of the current NBA stars, challenge other players, and compete in leaderboard tournaments.

If you're a fan of Niantic's other massively popular AR game, Pokémon GO, you might be able to pick out several similarities between it and NBA All-World. Like the 2016 title, most of the gameplay relies on recruiting players and upgrading their performances with various boosts and gears. The progression systems and battles are stylized in a similar manner too.

NBA All-World boasts a competitive game mode - known as 'Rule the Court' - that enables you to compete in challenges at more than 100,000 basketball courts in the real world to earn a coveted spot at the top of the leaderboard.

Besides this, you will also be able to collect cosmetics from world-renowned brands that you can outfit your squad with. Show up to the courts with flair as you battle it out in the many available game modes.

NBA all world gameplay
Recruit players and compete in challenges. | © Niantic / NBA

Niantic also promises for NBA All-World to be an extremely social experience. The game has employed Niantic's Campire app to allow players to easily connect with other basketball fans and the wider NBA All-World community.

Matt Holt, Head of Consumer Products at the NBA, surmised the game's ambitions on the social front:

We look forward to our fans fully immersing themselves in NBA All-World as they develop deeper connections with players, the league, and each other. Through our collaboration with Niantic, this game helps expand the world of the NBA and its culture into virtually every neighborhood around the globe.

We're excited to see what else the developers plan on adding to the game over the coming months and years. If you're interested, you can currently download NBA All-World on both Android and iOS devices.

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