How To Get Black Leg Fighting Style In Pixel Piece

In this guide, we share details on how you can get Black Leg fighting style in Pixel Piece.

How to get Black Leg Fighting Style
The Black Leg fighting style in Roblox Pixel Piece gives you access to five new abilities. | © WorldUp Studios

Black Leg is one of the many fighting styles in Pixel Piece, yet another One Piece-inspired game on the Roblox platform, this time from developers WorldUp Studios.

While Pixel Piece offers many great fighting styles, learning the Black Leg will help you clear many of the contents offered quite easily. And the best part is, there is no level requirement or other such prerequisites for learning the said fighting style.

So if you are jumping into Pixel Piece, you must know about how to get Black Leg fighting style and the different abilities you get after learning it. And this is where our guide comes in handy.

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How To Get Black Leg Fighting Style In Pixel Piece

Sandro Pixel Piece
On PC, you can press the E button to interact with Sandro at the Bratier. | ©WorldUp Studios

You can get the Black Leg fighting style in Pixel Piece from an NPC named Sandro, aka Black Leg Trainer. Sandro will teach you the Black Leg Style in exchange for 2500 Beli.

Granted, you have the required amount ready, interact with Sandro, and select the dialogue option that says, "Can you show me your ways?" Give Sandro 2500 Beli, and you will unlock the Black Leg fighting style in Roblox Pixel Piece.

For players who haven't watched the One Piece anime or read the original manga, Sandro is none other than Sanji, one of the key members of the Straw Hats. Since his fighting style doesn't require any weapon, players can learn it without complications by spending the said amount of Beli.

Where To Find Black Leg Trainer Sandro In Pixel Piece

BARATIER Pixel Piece
Here is a look at Bratier, where you will find Sandro. | © WorldUp Studios

You can find the Black Leg Trainer Sandro at the Misc Island, Bratier, yet another name that One Piece fans may remember as Bratie, the big ship in East Blue where Sanji used to work with his father figure, Zeff.

We have marked the location of Bratier in the below map screenshot. You can use it to make your way to the said location.

Pixel Piece Map
Bratier is located in the middle of Pixel Piece's game map. | © WorldUp Studios

Once you arrive at Bratier, make your way through the golden arches, and you will eventually come across Sandro.

All Black Leg Fight Style Abilities In Pixel Piece

Here are the different abilities you get after learning the Black Leg fighting style from Sandro in Pixel Piece:

DesukikkuWhen using this attack, the user flips in the air and performs a devastating ground slam.
CasserIt is similar to Desukikku ability, though with Casser, when you are in mid-air, you can target the area where you want to unleash the ground slam attack.
Party table kicksPlayers can use this ability to stand upside down using their hands to unleash a barrage of kicks simultaneously, taking the shape of a table.
Parage shootWhen you use Parage Shoot, your character will jump in the air and unleash a barrage of kicks.
CoillerYou can use Coiller to stun enemies by kicking them down.

That concludes our guide on how to get Black Leg fighting style in Pixel Piece.

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