How To Learn Fishman Karate Pixel Piece

This guide explains how to learn Fishman Karate fighting style in Pixel Piece.

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Here is how you can learn Fishman Karate in Pixel Piece. | © World Up Studios

Fishman Karate is one of the many fighting styles in Pixel Piece that players can learn to get new moves and abilities. It got added to the game with Update 1, released on February 5, 2023, along with other additions like sea beasts, a new island, a climbing system, the Arlong boss fight, and much more.

And since most of the Pixel Piece community comprises One Piece fans, players already know how useful and cool the Fishman Karate fighting style is. With that being the case, players want to learn said fighting style to experience it firsthand.

This is where our guide comes in, as we explain how you can learn Fishman Karate in Pixel Piece while talking about a few other things.

How To Get Fishman Karate Pixel Piece

Fishman Karate
Kraken is the NPC who teaches you Fishman Karate fighting style in Pixel Piece. | Credit: XenoTy

In Pixel Piece, you can get the Fishman Karate fighting style by talking to NPC named Kraken at Shark island. Once you do that, you will get the option to purchase the Fishman Karate fighting style in exchange for gold, albeit the price may vary depending on whether your character is from the Fishman race or a different one.

Initially, when Update 1 went live in Pixel Piece, Kraken sold the Fishman Karate fighting style for 999,000 gold. But after players started complaining about the insanely high cost, the devs claimed, via the Pixel Piece Discord, the price was a glitch.

And to fix it, they removed Kraken from the game for a short time. But, soon after, due to technical, performance, and other issues, the Pixel Piece servers were taken down by World Up Studios.

That said, once the game is back, you can learn the Fishman Karate fighting style from Kraken near his house on Shark island.

How To Reach Shark Island In Pixel Piece

You can reach Shark island by heading northeast from Orange Town. Though the journey will take time, so we recommend using a boat with high speed.

Where To Find Kraken In Pixel Piece

Buying Boat Pixel Piece
You can purchase your first boat by talking to Robe at the dock. | © World Up Studios

You can find Kraken standing in front of a house near an overlook on Shark island. To reach there, once you arrive at Shark island docks, follow the path leading towards the northern part of the island.

Keep moving till you find an elevated stone pathway. Take the elevated path, and as soon as you encounter a stone wall, jump to climb it. Then on the left side, you will find Kraken.

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