Time Raiders: Release Date, Pre-Registration, Rewards, More

Explore the depths of the earth in Time Raiders a new "Eastern-style" MMORPG for Android and iOS. Learn how to pre-register and get a chance of playing in the beta.

Time Raiders pre-registration rewards
Time Raiders takes deep underground in search of treasure and monsters. | © Yazoo

If you have ever watched Indiana Jones and thought "I'd like me some of that," then Time Raiders may just be the game for you.

Based on an Chinese movie released in 2016 of the same name, this MMORPG from Singaporean developers Yazoo, sees you go deep underground, into ancient catacombs and underground dens in search of treasure, but there's just one problem: they're full of the undead and they aren't happy to see you.

If this sounds like your bag, then you are in luck, as they game has just opened up pre-registration for Android and iOS.

If you want to learn more, including how you can gain access to the open beta, then keep on reading.

Time Raiders - Release Date

Time Raiders has just opened up the ability for players to pre-register, but at the time of writing the game has no publicly available release date.

For mobile games, pre-registration is usually opened when the game is set to launch globally, so it is very likely we will see a release at some point in the next couple of months.

We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

How To Pre-Register For Time Raiders

Pre-registration for Time Raiders is now open, with both Android and iOS gamers able to do so via their respective app stores.

For Android users, the easiest way is through the Google Play Store, while for iOS there best bet is to do so through the Apple App Store.

By pre-registering, you will also be in store for rewards when the game launches. The number of rewards is set to increase depending on how many players pre-register, with milestones all the way up to half a million pre-registrations.

Currently, there are over 220,000, so it is likely that all rewards will be awarded to players at launch.

Time Raider pre-registration rewards
The pre-registration rewards for Time Raiders will help you get started in the MMORPG. | © Yazoo

The rewards are a mix of in-game cosmetics and currency, they are:

  • Unrivaled Legend Bubble (1), Cash (800,000) - 50,000 pre-registrations
  • Unrivaled Legend Frame (1), Gold Diamond (2,000) - 100,000 pre-registrations
  • Gold Tiger Symbol (1), Soulfuse Gem (2) - 200,000 pre-registrations
  • Bloodbeast (1), Fame (500) - 300,000 pre-registrations
  • Future Tech - Clothing (1), Companion EXP III (10), Mystic Nine Secret Scriptures (50) - 500,000 pre-registrations

Time Raiders - Gameplay

Time Raiders is an MMORPG with an "Eastern-style" in the words of the developers.

Players will band together to go into a variety of underground catacombs and dangerous dens full of treasure and undead ghosts and ghouls.

Time Raiders gameplay
Players will have to uncover secrets and unearth treasure in Time Raiders. | © Yazoo

Players can choose from one of three classes; Blademaster, Gunslinger, and Sage. Though, this decision is not set in stone, as the game allows you to change classes easily.

You will need to uncover secrets and authenticate the treasure you discover, with players able to upgrade their skills and improve their weaponry and armour.

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