Genshin Impact: Oni's Royale Event Wish

Oni's Royale is a new event wish in Genshin Impact. Here are all the characters who are getting a drop-rate boost.

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Here's a guide on the Oni's Royale event wish in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

Oni's Royale is an event wish that will be rerun in the version 3.3 in Genshin Impact. We'll be seeing "Hanamizaka Heroics" Arataki Itto and three other four-star characters become available to obtain.

Here's everything you need to know about the duration, rewards, and trial run in the Oni's Royaleevent wish.

Oni's Royale Event Wish - Duration

Oni's Royale is a limited-time event wish that will be available in Genshin Impact between December 7 and December 27.All players will be eligible to participate in this event wish regardless of their Adventure level.

This event wish will run concurrently with the From Ashes Reborn and Epitome Invocation event wish.

Oni's Royale Event Wish - Rewards

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Arataki Itto will be available in the Oni's Royale event wish in Genshin Impact. | © HoYoverse

During the Oni's Royale event wish, the five-star Geo-element character, "Hanamizaka Heroics" Arataki Itto, and three other characters will get a huge drop-rate boost. You will need to spend Intertwined Fate for a shot at obtaining them.

These are all the characters available in this event wish:

  • Five-star Geo-element "Hanamizaka Heroics" Arataki Itto
  • Four-star Anemo-element "Enigmatic Machinist" Faruzan
  • Four-star Geo-element "Canine Warrior" Gorou
  • Four-star Pyro-element "Wise Innocence" Yanfei

After this event wish ends, "Enigmatic Machinist" Faruzan will be available in the standard "Wanderlust Invocation" event wish in the next version update.

Oni's Royale Event Wish - Test Run

Arataki Itto Trial Run
Get extra rewards in the test run of this event wish. | © HoYoverse

A test run event will run alongside the Oni's Royale event wish. You will only be able to use a pre-set character line-up in this test run. Enter stages with these characters to complete all the available challenges to earn rewards.

For more details, you can visit the 'Details' section of the in-game 'Wish' page.

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