Wild Rift Mythmaker Workshop Event: Rewards, Chances, Items

Earn Mythmaker skins and other rewards in Wild Rift's latest event: The Mythmaker Workshop.

Mythmaker Workshop Event Banner
Here are all the details about the Mythmaker Workshop event in Wild Rift. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.0 will introduce a new event to Wild Rift: the Mythmaker Workshop. Get crafty with Caitlyn as you snip, fold, and use Lunar Papercuttings to earn skins, rewards, and other in-game items.

In this event, you'll need to purchase scissors for 400 Wild Cores to get Lunar Papercuttings. From there, you can use them to claim in-game rewards.

Here are all the details about the Mythmaker Workshop event in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Mythmaker Event - Rewards

Mythmaker Caitlyn Event
Earn the Mythmaker Caitlyn skin in the Mythmaker event. | © Riot Games

You'll earn Lunar Pappercuttings with each purchase of a pair of scissors in the event. However, the amount of these will vary depending on chance. Here's a look at the chances you'll have for each pair of scissors:

  • 2 Lunar Papercuttings: 90%
  • 8 Lunar Papercuttings: 9.5%
  • 92 Lunar Papercuttings: 0.5%

Collect Lunar Papercuttings, and you can use them to claim rewards listed in the table below. Some of these rewards include new skins introduced in patch 4.0. You'll also earn a Special Edition Mythmaker Caitlyn skin if you get 15 scissors or earn 92 Lunar Papercuttings.

ItemNumber of Lunar Papercuttings Needed

Firecracker Diana

Firecracker Jinx8
Firecracker Sett8
Firecracker Teemo8
Firecracker Tristana8
Firecracker Vayne


Firecracker Xin Zhao8
Radiant Wukong


5,000 Poro Energy4
Mythmaker Recall3
Ring Of Fire Recalls3
Sparklers Recalls3
Firecracker vayne Skin Border2
Mythmaker Caitlyn Special Edition Skin Border2
Mythmaker Caitlyn Special Edition High Tier Pose2
Mythmaker Mini Profile Border2
1,000 Poro Energy1
Big Hearted Emote1
Everything's Ruined Emote1
Firecracker Vayne Pose1

Just Gifted Emote

KA-POW Emote1
Light 'Em Up Bauble1
Mind: Blown Emote1
Mythmaker Caitlyn Special Edition Pose1
Not. Now. Emote1
Rosey Connection Emote1
You See That? Emotes1

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