Clash Royale July Update (Season 49): Elite Wild Card & Balance Changes

Firecracker Card Evolution
Elite Wild Card adjustments and balance changes were introduced in the Clash Royale June 2023 update. | © Supercell

Supercell is currently gearing up for the release of next month's season in Clash Royale and quickly launched a brief maintenance update.

The game is still hot off the heels of the massive June update that added, among other things, two new features: Card Evolution and Elite Wild Cards.

They've been exciting additions to Clash Royale thus far, but it appears that they needed some adjusting as you'll be able to notice in the balance changes below.

All Clash Royale Balance Changes In The July Update

Evolved Royal Giant
The Royal Giant's evolved form has been nerfed. | © Supercell

Three cards were the target of balance changes. Firecracker's regular card was nerfed while the evolved versions of the Royal Giant and Skeletons were adjusted.

Here are the balance changes in detail:


Balance Changes

FirecrackerFirst hit speed increased from 0.6 seconds → 0.65 seconds
Royal Giant EvolutionHP (Level 11) decreased from 3,993 → 3,686
Skeletons EvolutionMax Skeleton count increased from 6 → 8

Changes To Elite Wild Card Conversion Rates

Elite Wild Cards
Changes have been made to the conversion rates for Elite Wild Cards. | © Supercell

Additionally, the conversion rate for Magic Items into Elite Wild Cards has been adjusted. This would affect both the regular and Wild card versions. Supercell reasoned that these changes were made to make it more rewarding for players with excess Legendary and Champion cards.

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Here are the new Elite Wild Card conversion rates:

  • Common Card = 1 Elite Wild Card
  • Rare Card = 5 Elite Wild Cards
  • Epic Card = 20 Elite Wild Cards
  • Legendary Card = 1500 Elite Wild Cards
  • Champion Card = 4000 Elite Wild Cards

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