Mortar Will Be The Next Card To Get A Card Evolution In Clash Royale

The upcoming July season in Clash Royale will see the Mortar be added as the next card to get a Card Evolution ability.

Mortar Card Evolution
You can launch goblins in the air with the Mortar's Card Evolution in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

When Card Evolution was first introduced to Clash Royale, only four cards were granted entry into this exclusive club. At that time, Supercell promised that a new Card Evolution would be released at the start of every season.

As we're closely approaching the July 2023 season, the devs have delivered on their promise. This time, the Mortar will be the next card to get a Card Evolution.

Here's a look at the evolved Mortar's stats and abilities (in comparison to the normal Mortar):

  • HP increased by 20%
  • Hit Speed increased by 25%
  • DPS increased by 25%
  • Shoots a Goblin instead of a cannonball

It is still unclear how many cycles would be needed in a match before the evolved Mortar can be played.

The evolved Mortar will join four other cards with a Card Evolution: Barbarian, Firecracker, Royal Giant, and Skeletons.

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We can expect more Card Evolutions to be released in the following Clash Royale seasons.


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