Players 'Disappointed' With New Hoggy Bank In Clash Royale

The Hoggy Bank, one of the latest features added to Clash Royale, isn't being received well by most players.

Hoggy Bank Updates
The Hoggy Bank is not a fun new addition... | © Supercell

Introduced in an update before the Silent Sanctuary season in Clash Royale, the Hoggy Bank was a new addition that many players paid little attention to. Most of the attention was centered on the two new Monk and Phoenix cards, the total reworking of King Levels, and the ranked mode.

However, the hype train of all the novel content has faded and reality has sunk in. Many have noticed the little golden pig on the home screen. After finding out what it does, well, suffice it to say that the Hoggy bank's flashy appearance is only an illusion.

Hoggy Bank Disappoints Many Clash Royale Players

Mighty Miner Nov
The Hoggy Bank is a letdown for many. | © Supercell

The Hoggy Bank is a premium feature that occasionally appears on the home screen. It's essentially a piggy bank that can hold Gems or Gold. When the Hoggy Bank is active, a resource milestone you'll need to achieve will be displayed next to it.

Once you reach the milestone, you can either break the Hoggy Bank as an in-game purchase (and receive the saved Gems or Gold) or keep saving to get a bigger reward later.

Unfortunately, this is quite a deal breaker for many. To put it short, it's a limited-time offer, costs real money, and forces you to play a bunch of matches to build your Hoggy Bank savings.

Players argue that the USD $3 you pay to unlock it would be better spent on purchasing 240 Gems - a higher and more instant reward in comparison. Even the highest Gold reward you can get from the Hoggy Bank is 12,500 Gold. That is barely enough to upgrade a high-level card.

Clash Royale Bank
Some are calling the Hoggy Bank a money-grabbing attempt. | © Supercell

It's by far one of the most terrible deals Supercell has offered in Clash Royale. As one player put it, "This is probably the worst deal in the history of clash royale, even P2W players won't buy this."

Others call it "underwhelming" while the more critical players outright accused Supercell of "being so blatantly greedy."

It's unclear if the devs have caught wind of the discontent surrounding their latest addition. Only time will tell if they decide to improve it. However, if they do, many are calling for greater rewards - or at least a variety of different resources - so that it becomes worth the price.

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