Clash Royale: November (Season 41) Rewards

The November season in Clash Royale has brought in various exciting rewards. Here's a look at all of them.

Silent Sanctuary Banner
Here are all the rewards you can get in season 41, Silent Sanctuary, of Clash Royale. | © Supercell

Season 41 is the latest season to land in Clash Royale. We'll be taken to the Monk's special Arena: Silent Sanctuary. This is the first full season we'll have after the arrival of the game's biggest update in recent times which saw the introduction of a new ranked mode, Trophy Road reworks, King Level reworks, and many more.

With every new season, we're treated to a new set of rewards that can be unlocked by earning Crowns. There will be two types of reward tracks: the Free Pass and the exclusive Pass Royale. Regardless of the one you choose, we'll be giving an overview of all the rewards you can expect to get.

Clash Royale November (Season 41) - Free Pass Rewards

Silent Sanctaury Free Pass
You can get amazing rewards in this season's Free Pass rewards track. | © Supercell

You can earn Gold, Wild Cards, Chests, and Chest Keys in this season's Free Pass reward track.

Here are the Free Pass rewards in detail:

TierNumber Of Crowns To UnlockReward



1,000 Gold


5Golden Chest


Golden Chest
35Golden Chest
45Golden Chest
5105 x Epic Wild Cards
65Golden Chest
751 x Chest Key
85Golden Chest
95Golden Chest
1010Golden Chest
11510 x Rare Wild Cards
125Golden Chest
135Golden Chest
145Golden Chest
15550 x Common Wild Cards
165Golden Chest
175Golden Chest
185Golden Chest
1955 x Epic Wild Cards and Golden Chest
2010Golden Chest
215Golden Chest
2251 x Chest Key and Golden Chest
235Golden Chest
245Golden Chest
25510 x Rare Wild Cards
265Golden Chest
275Golden Chest
285Golden Chest
295Golden Chest
3010Royal Wild Chest
315Golden Chest
325Golden Chest
335Golden Chest
3451 x Legendary Wild Card and Golden Chest
35101 x Rare Book of Cards

Clash Royale November (Season 41) - Pass Royale Rewards

Silent Sanctuary New Banner
Here are all the rewards available in this season's Pass Royale. | © Supercell

Pass Royale is Clash Royale's exclusive game pass. You will need to purchase it to be able to unlock any of the amazing rewards and special perks.

Here are all the rewards available in this season's Pass Royale:

TierNumber Of Crowns To UnlockReward


0Unlimited entries for special challenges and the ability to queue chests to unlock automatically


510,000 Gold


100 x Common Wild Cards
3520 x Rare Wild Cards
4510 x Epic Wild Cards
5101 x Book of Books
65100 x Common Wild Cards
7520 x Rare Wild Cards
8510 x Epic Wild Cards
951 x Rare Trade Token
1010Monk's Mantlet Tower Skin
11510,000 Gold
125100 x Common Wild Cards
13520 x Rare Wild Cards
14510 x Epic Wild Cards
1552 x Chest Keys
165100 x Common Wild Cards
17520 x Rare Wild Cards
18510 x Epic Wild Cards
1951 x Epic Trade Token

Monk Arrow emote

21510,000 Gold
225100 x Common Wild Cards
23520 x Rare Wild Cards
24510 x Epic Wild Cards
2551 x Common Trade Token
265100 x Common Wild Cards
27520 x Rare Wild Cards
28510 x Epic Wild Cards
2951 x Legendary Trade Token
30101 x Magic Coin
31510,000 Gold
325100 x Common Wild Cards
33520 x Rare Wild Cards
34510 x Epic Wild Cards
35101 x Legendary Wild Card

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