Rumors Suggest A Hypnotist Champion Is Coming To Clash Royale

It's rumored that a new Champion will be introduced to Clash Royale that will allow you to take control of enemy troops.

Clash Royale Hypnotic Champion
Control enemy troops with this hypnotist champion in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

We're still grappling with what many players call an overpowered Champion in Clash Royale: the Monk. When he was revealed, he was described as a game-changer because of his active ability which allows him to deflect and return incoming projectiles to the original sender.

It was a ground-breaking ability as it enabled many players to counter spell-heavy decks as well as regular troop attacks. We're still reeling from how much the meta has been shaken up after the Monk was introduced to the game. He's very much included in many of the top-performing decks. It might take us a while to recover from him.

But don't think for a second that we won't see a new champion or an overpowered active ability anytime soon. Rumors have surfaced about a potential new Champion that can hypnotize enemy troops.

New Hypnotist Champion In Clash Royale Revealed

Witch Champion Clash Royale
The rumored Champion can take control of enemy troops. | © Supercell

Champions are extremely versatile and durable troops in Clash Royale and new ones are rarely introduced because of this. As it stands, there are currently only five of them in the game: Archer Queen, Golden Knight, Mighty Miner, Skeleton King, and the Monk.

With the recent introduction of the Monk, we thought we'd need to wait a long time before a new Champion is revealed. Fortunately for us, that time is now as a leak has shown us a new Clash Royale Champion.

From the looks of things, the Champion appears to be a Witch. When she attacks an enemy troop, she hypnotizes them into temporarily fighting for her. It seems like once the troop loses the hypnosis effect, they return to the enemy team. However, if they are attacked again by the Witch Champion, they will fall under her control again.

At face value, it's an impressive ability. It will allow you to take control of challenging heavy troops like the P.E.K.K.A or the Mega Knight. It essentially steals valuable Elixir away from your opponent and can massively turn the tide of the battle in your favor.

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