Clash Royale Clashmas Update: Emotes, Leaderboards, Potions, Balance Changes

Clash Royale has received a new holiday-themed Clashmas update. Here's a complete overview of all the new additions.

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Clashmas has returned to Clash Royale! | © Supercell

Clashmas is live and alive in Clash Royale. The devs have released a mini-update that will introduce various new features and changes to the game. It's an annual tradition that always ends the year of Clash on a high note.

This year's update may be a small one compared to previous years, but the content was huge. It includes additions such as Emote management, updated leaderboards, a new Card Boost Potion, balance changes, and more.

Let's go over them all.

Clash Royale Clashmas Update - Emote Management

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There'll be a better emote management system in the new update. | © Supercell

Emote Management has been introduced as a new feature in Clash Royale. You can now select your favorite Emote. These emotes will then be put at the start of your expanded Emote selector during battles and in the Clan chat.

Besides this, you will also be able to add an Emote you don't currently own to a 'Wish List.' Simply favorite it and get notified when it appears in the in-game shop.

Clash Royale Clashmas Update - Updated Leaderboards

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Leaderboards will now show the stats you want to see. | © Supercell

In this update, the Clan and Friends leaderboards will now rank players based on Ranked Rating, Trophies, and League (serving as a tiebreaker). Players who have not yet reached Ultimate Champion League will still be ranked by Trophies. Players with a ranked Rating will have that displayed instead.

The Top Royales leaderboards will also be updated. It will now display the Path of Legends leaderboard for players.

Clan Trophies will now be calculated based on the total Trophies of the members of a Clan. A "Clan Legend Score" is a new feature added to Clash Royale. It uses Clan members' ranked Ratings to determine the Clan's rating.

Local leaderboards have also returned to Clash Royale.

Clash Royale Clashmas Update - New Card Boost Potion

Card Boost Potion Banner
Boost your cards with this new potion! | © Supercell

A new magic item was introduced in the Clashmas update: the Card Boost Potion. It can temporarily boost one of your Card Levels to match your Tower Power. The boost will remain for one hour.

You can get Card Boost Potions from Daily Tasks, the Pass Royale, the Path of Legends, Challenges, and the shop.

Clash Royale Clashmas Update - Clan Gifts

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Reward your friends with Clan Gifts. | © Supercell

Clan Gifts are a new feature in Clash Royale. Players can now buy gifts for their Clanmates from the in-game shop.

A key thing to remember is that you must be a member of a Clan if you want to be eligible to receive Clan Gifts.

Clash Royale Clashmas Update - Balance Changes

Clashmas Balance Changes
New balance changes arrived in the Clashmas update. | © Supercell

Minions, Minion Horde, and Mighty Miner were buffed, while the Phoenix and Monk were nerfed. The Goblin Hut and Rage spell were reworked.

You can check out the details of the balance changes below:

Besides these balance changes, several bug fixes were introduced. These include Replays working correctly, News Royale now displaying correctly on Android devices, and Daily Tasks no longer including tasks you cannot complete.

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