COD Mobile To Get New Bolt Action Sniper And Butterfly Knife, Leaks Suggest

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 leaks suggest two very different weapons are going to be introduced to the game's arsenal.

COD Mobile Season 8 2022 leaks new weapons
Leaks point to a new sniper rifle and melee coming to Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8. | © Activision Blizzard

Call of Duty: Mobile is currently in a purple patch, coming up to its three-year anniversary; the most recent update, Season 7: New Vision City, introduced a raft of new additions, much of it tied to the collaboration with Netflix's TV show and anime, Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045.

This new season also broke with somewhat of a tradition, instead of two new guns being added to the game, we got one, the Switchblade X9 submachine and in the place of a second, the Claw Operator skill. Deadly in its own way, but not quite a new shiny weapon.

Now, if the most recent COD: Mobile leaks prove true, it's back to business as usual with Season 8.

Two New Weapons Are Coming To COD: Mobile Season 8

The most recent leak comes from the ever-reliable LeakersOnDuty, who has provided screenshots of the in-game descriptions and stats of two guns not yet seen in the game: the ZRG 20mm bolt action sniper and a Butterfly Knife melee.

The leaker also suggests that both will be arriving in the game "next season."

The ZRG 20mm's in-game description reads like a gun for those that enjoy using the Kar98:

Heavy and reliable bolt-action sniper rifle with a large caliber, fast bullet speed, and great damage. Equipped with a special attachment, it can deal greater damage to vehicles.

That special attachment looks like it will make this sniper rifle more meta in the game's recently revamped battle royale mode.

The butterfly knife, on the other hand, has also been more about style than substance, with FPS gamers in seemingly perpetual hypnosis for the flicks and tricks of a well-crafted butterfly knife model, and the COD: Mobile devs seem to agree with a description that reads:

Exquisite flip-action knife that can gracefully display the user's full capability.

We are sure that people will go suitably nutty for this new melee, which, as we mentioned before, is expected to be released with COD: Mobile Season 8.

Little else is known for the season that is due to arrive in the first week of September, though many will continue to hope that Season 8 will see the classic Zombies mode finally return.

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