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COD Mobile's Next Battle Pass 'Worst' In Game's History

The battle pass for Call of Duty: Mobile's Season 10: World Class battle pass has been branded the "worst" ever.

COD Mobile Season 10 battle pass worst ever
The Season 10: World Class battle pass has been branded the "worst" ever seen in the game. | © Activision Blizzard

The release of Season 10 of Call of Duty: Mobile is supposed to be a big deal in a lot of ways. The game is set to celebrate its three-year anniversary with a huge update and will also be welcoming soccer superstars Lionel Messi, Paul Pogba, and Neymar Jr. to the game.

While many of the new additions have excited players - such as the first mythic operator skin - some have been lambasted, such as the ability to purchase old battle passes, which experienced players say robs them of the feeling of owning a scare cosmetic.

Old battle passes aren't the only thing in the firing line, as the new Season 10: World Class battle pass has come under fire, with many branding it the "worst" the game has ever seen.

Hotdog-Themed Guns And Paul Pogba, What's Not To Like?

It wasn't supposed to be like this. An anniversary update and a star-studded season should have produced a battle pass to remember, but for many, this is a new low for a game that is entering its fourth year.

Since images have leaked of the Season 10: World Class battle pass, featuring Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, Urban Tracker in a Call of Duty soccer kit, and Ajax dressed as a hotdog vendor, armed - if you like - with a hotdog-themed skin for the game's newest submachine gun, players have been up in arms, flooding the COD: Mobile subreddit with complaints and criticisms.

COD Mobile season 10 world class
Urban Tracker in a Call of Duty soccer shirt - yay or nay? | © Activision Blizzard

In one highly upvoted thread called: "the worst battle pass for an anniversary update in the history of cod mobile", players took aim at the developers.

"Worst bp in the history of mobile shooter games*", remarked one player.

"Glad they are implementing the bp vault so we don’t have to buy the current one 😂👍", chimed in another.

Another wrote: "I'm usually [the] type of guy who somehow manages to find something good in a bad battle pass but hell even I'm getting trouble to find anything good in this bp(maybe that Pogba skin is somewhat ok)".

Not all the comments were negative, though you'd have to go digging to find them. Some felt that the operator skins for Urban Tracker and Park were worth the time, but few agreed.

An admission here, I usually get excited about any battle pass rewards, but even I have a hard time with this offering, with the only one that really catches the eye being Paul Pogba - and as a soccer fan, that's an open goal.

The other operator skins are lazy and don't really fit into the overarching theme in any meaningful way, and the weapon skins - outside of the rather hysterical LAPA hotdog mashup - are just a bit boring.

Is This The End Of COD: Mobile?

It's troubling times for COD: Mobile and fans of the game, with recent seasons flattering to deceive.

The developers hyped up Zombies Classic's return heading into Season 9 but added no new content, even after it had effectively been shelved for over two and a half years.

COD MObile is it dying?
We waited long enough, but was it worth it? | © Activision Blizzard

And as we head into Season 10, releasing the first mythic operator skin with its customizable cosmetics, each forcing the player to go into their pockets and stump up yet more cash.

The game is beginning to feel like the sharp end of a pump-and-dump scheme, one in which players are going to be left with an expensively assembled collection of cosmetics that can only be used in a game that will - in all likelihood - be replaced by Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile, even if the developers claim both games will "co-exist."

If this is the developer's idea of "World Class," maybe it's time to hang up the boots.

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