COD World Championship 2022: Schedule, Rewards, Livestream, More

Everything you need to know about the Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship Finals 2022, including how to claim rewards, follow all the action, the teams, and format.

Cod mobile world championship 2022
The first in-person Call of Duty: World Championship is on the horizon. | © Activision Blizzard

The time is now. After two years of COVID-forced disruptions, Call of Duty: Mobile is finally having an in-person world championship, bringing together the best teams from all around the globe for ultimate bragging rights and a huge cash prize.

Qualifiers have been running throughout the year, five in all, and now fifteen teams will descend on Raleigh, North Carolina, for a three-day event that runs concurrently with the Call of Duty League: Major I - the first of the Modern Warfare II season.

It is set to be a bumper weekend of Call of Duty esports, which also includes the Challengers Open for aspiring pros, as well as the Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E) Bowl III.

But we are about the mobile experience here, and we have waited long enough to see the world's top teams battle it out in optimal conditions. for 1.7 million dollars.

If you want to learn more about the Call of Duty: World Championship Finals 2022, including all the teams, schedule, format, and rewards you can get for simply following the action, we detail it all below.

COD: Mobile World Championship 2022 - Schedule

The world championship is a three-day event, kicking off on December 15 with the group stage and finishing up on December 18 with the grand finals.

World Championship 4
The COD: Mobile World Championship will be played over three days. | © Activision Blizzard
  • Group stage - Thursday, December 15, starting at 9 am ET
  • Elimination bracket - Saturday, December 17, starting at 9 am ET
  • Grand finals - Sunday, December 18, starting at 10:30 am ET

Take note, the event takes a break on Friday, with that day dedicated to C.O.D.E Bowl III.


In-game rewards will be on offer for players that tune into the action across the weekend. In total, there are 15 rewards split across all four days of the event, with players needing to tune into the stream for a certain amount of team to claim their reward.

You will need to watch the event from inside the app; failing to do so will not get you any of the rewards. Rewards include three weapon blueprints and two operator skins.

M4 wildstyle
The M13 - Wildstyle weapon blueprint is one of the rewards on offer during the COD: Mobile World Championship. | © Activision Blizzard

Here are the rewards, the dates they are available, and the required watch time.

  • December 15
    • COD Points (five minutes)
    • Calling Card - Alley Cat (15 minutes)
    • Avatar - Meow Muncher (30 minutes)
    • M13 - Wildstyle (one hour)
  • December 16
    • COD Points (five minutes)
    • Calling Card - Modern Glyphs (15 minutes)
    • Charm - Feline Funk (30 minutes
    • CBR4 - Wildstyle (one hour)
  • December 17
    • COD Points (five minutes)
    • Calling Card - Cold Blooded Primate (15 minutes)
    • Kruger - Against the System (1.5 hours)
  • December 18
    • COD Points (five minutes)
    • Backpack - Wildstyle (15 minutes)
    • Holger 26 - Stencil Strike (one hour)
    • Iskra - Graffiti Queen (1.5 hours)

How To Watch

Alongside watching the event from inside the COD: Mobile app, you can also tune in via the Call of Duty esports YouTube channel.

However, this will not make you eligible for the rewards/drops, but if that isn't why you are following the action, then watching from the YouTube channel is probably going to give you the best viewing experience.

We have embedded the channel for you below.

Teams / Format

Sixteen teams are set to take part in the COD: Mobile World Championship 2022, coming from North America, Latin America, India, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia.

Teams are split into four groups, which take on a double-elimination format.

Group stage bracket 2
A look at how the groups will be formatted at the COD: Mobile World Championship 2022. | © Activision Blizzard

Two teams from each bracket will progress to the elimination bracket, which again uses a double-elimination format.

The winner of the champions and losers bracket then take their place in the grand finals.

North America

  • Luminosity
  • NYSL Mayhem
  • Tribe Gaming

Latin America

  • Inco Gaming
  • Influence Chemin
  • Skade


  • Godlike Esports
  • Team Vitality


  • Strut Esports
  • Nova Esports
  • Stamina


  • Scarz


  • Q9
  • Wolves

Southeast Asia

  • Almighty
  • Smart Omega

For a detailed look at the bracket, rules, and prizes, check out the official COD: Mobile esports website.

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