Latest COD Mobile Test Build Reveals New AR, SMG, And Map

The LAPA sub-machine gun and EM2 assault rifle may well be the next guns we see in Call of Duty: Mobile.

EM2 assault rifle cod mobile
The EM2 assault rifle may join Call of Duty: Mobile's arsenal of weapons soon. | © Activision Blizzard

With Season 9: Zombies Are Back not yet officially begun (though the update has been released), you may be thinking that all attention would firmly be on a season that has finally answered the calls to bring back the Zombies Classic game mode, more than two years since it was last in the game.

But the world of Call of Duty: Mobile never stands still, and with the recent release of a test build in China, we are beginning to learn what could arrive in COD: Mobile after this upcoming season.

We already have confirmation that Season 10, scheduled for release in November, will celebrate the game's third anniversary, but little has been said by the developers about what that might contain. However, this latest test build has given us some clues, with it including a new map, two new weapons, and a rather interesting vehicle - presumably for the game's battle royale mode.

The LAPA SMG And EM2 Assault Rifle Make Appearance In COD: Mobile Test Build

This most recent test build went live in China on October 10, and since then, COD: Mobile's army of leakers has begun revealing what's included.

In regards to new weaponry, two guns have been discovered: the LAPA sub-machine gun and the EM2 assault rifle.

Both come from Black Ops Cold War, with the LAPA making its debut in Season 6 and the EM2 a season prior.

The LAPA is a full-auto SMG with a decent damage profile and low recoil and feels somewhat similar to the RUS-79U currently in the game.

LAPA smg
The LAPA may be the next SMG we see in Call of Duty: Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

The EM2 is a British-made bullpup assault rifle. And while it has a slow rate of fire, its accuracy is one of the best in its class, and it has higher-than-average damage. In that way, it's not too dissimilar to the Krig 6 assault rifle that has been added in Season 9.

It's not yet clear if these two guns are playable in the test build or if files relating to them have been found, as no one has published footage of them in-game; if it's the latter, it may mean that we won't see them in Season 10.

Crossroads Map And New Vehicle Discovered

Other new additions released as part of the test build include the Crossroads map.

First seen in Black Ops Cold War, Crossroads is set in a remote region of Uzbekistan. Snow covers the ground of a rather desolate land with just a few munitions dumps and military installations to keep out from the cold.

As you can see from the footage above, the Crossroads map is currently playable within the test build.

We previously reported this, but another new addition is a hoverbike that can float over water.

Playable in the test build, this looks like a pretty useful vehicle, making rotating for the next circle easy as you won't have to worry about the terrain (or lack thereof).

Also being tested is a new operator skill that incinerates opponents with a laser, as well as a rather bizarre perk that apparently offers "aim assist." It's a perk that the team behind LeakersOnDuty has already branded the "most broken thing ever," which they claim makes it an unlikely candidate for the global release.

A reminder, all of this is coming from a test build, so while the dev team is currently working on it, it may not appear in Season 10, be drastically different on arrival, or never see the light of day in the global release.

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