Dead By Daylight Mobile Oni Guide: Best Build, Perks, More (2023)

We show you the best build, perks, and more for the Oni in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Oni guide
The best Oni build in Dead by Daylight Mobile. | © Behaviour Interactive

There is nothing more synonymous with Japanese mythology than an Oni. In Dead by Daylight Mobile, you can assume the role of this ever-ferocious Demon on your onslaught against survivors.

Not only is the Oni a strong killer, but he is also one of the fastest and most brutal characters in the game. Using his quick dash ability to get from one side of the map to another in the blink of a cyclops eye will surprise survivors and leave them shaking where they stand.

To master the Oni, we've put together this complete guide over the best build, his Power, and his unique perks in Dead by Daylight Mobile.

Dead by Daylight Mobile - The Oni's Power

Oni Lore1
Oni has an impressive Power. | © Behaviour Interactive

Oni has the Yamaoka's Wrath Power. With it, injuring survivors will cause them to drop Orbs. These Orbs can be used to activate the Oni's power called Blood Fury. When in the Blood Fury status, you will gain access to the Demon Dash and Demon Strike.

Demon Dash is a very quick dash that will allow the Oni to travel rapidly across the map. Demon Strike allows the Oni to lunge at a survivor and immediately put them into the dying status.

The Oni's Unique Perks

Oni Unique Perks
The Oni's unique perks are some of the most powerful in the game. | © Behaviour Interactive

The Oni has three unique perks: Zanshin Tactics, Blood Echo, and Nemesis.

Here's a description of each of these perks:

Zanshin Tactics
The auras of breakable walls, pallets and windows are revealed to the Oni.
Blood Echo
When hooking a survivor, all other injured survivors suffer from Haemmorrhage and Exhausted status effects for 45 seconds.
NemesisAny survivor who blinds or stuns you using a pallet becomes the Oni's obession. Anytime the Oni's obessesion switches to another survivor, that survivor will suffer from the Oblivious status effect.

The Best Oni Build in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Oni Best Build
Overwhelm your opponents with the best Oni build in the game. | © Behaviour Interactive

The best four perks you can equip for the best Trickster build in Dead by Daylight Mobile are:

  • Zanshin Tactics
  • Sloppy Butcher
  • Whispers
  • Shattered Hope

With Shattered Hope, you will destroy boon totems instead of snuffing it. This is a must-have perk for the Oni because his skills are focused around the survivors being damaged. Survivors will usually counter the Oni with boons so always take this perk.

Zanshin Tactics and Sloppy Butcher will allow the Oni to stay on top of his opponents and keep laying into them with basic attacks. Altogether, this build will allow you to consistently deal damage to survivors.

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