Legends Of Runeterra: Patch 3.12 Bug Fixes, Service Disruptions, More

Riot has revealed all the changes that will be introduced to Legends of Runeterra in patch 3.12. Check it out!

What changes has Riot planned for patch 3.12 in Legends of Runeterra? Riot Games
What changes has Riot planned for patch 3.12 in Legends of Runeterra? | © Riot Games

Mark your calendars on August 8, 2022, because that's when Riot is planning on releasing patch 3.12 to Legends of Runeterra! After an incredible cross-game Star Guardian event that saw amazing new skins come to the game, everyone in the community is waiting in anticipation for the new expansion.

But for now, we'll have to settle for the patch 3.12 update. We'll be honest, it's a short and rather disappointing set of updates - if you can even call it that. There are no balance changes whatsoever that address decks that were spawned by the recent Forces From Beyond expansion. In place of that, we have a set of bug fixes and service disruptions to keep an eye out for. Let's take a look at them.

Legends Of Runeterra Patch 3.12 Bug Fixes

A number of Legends of Runeterra bugs and issues will be resolved in patch 3.12. Here's a full list of the changes:

  • Catalog of Regrets will now no longer create skills.
  • Sharpsight’s ability no longer counts as a keyword for cards that count them.
  • Fixed a soft lock that occurred when other cards revived invasive Hydravine.
  • Fixed an issue where Darkness copied by Ixtali Sentinel's effect did not damage the enemy Nexus on resolution.
  • Corrected an issue where Claws of the Dragon summoned itself at cast timing rather than play timing.
  • Fixed an issue where Kalista had an empty flyout after leveling up.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty flyout entry was displayed on the unit Yuumi was attached to.

Patch 3.12 Service Disruptions

Patch 3.12 will see services in certain regions disrupted for a short period of time! Legends of Runeterra Riot Games
Patch 3.12 will see services in certain regions disrupted for a short period of time! | © Riot Games

In patch 3.12, Legends of Runeterra will be temporarily unavailable for the Americas and Europe region on the release date of the patch - August 8, 2022. This is when you can expect these service disruptions to occur:

  • Americas: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
  • Europe: 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM PDT

You can check the service status of Legends of Runeterra during this time with our guide.

Why Are There No Balance Changes?

Balance changes were nowhere to be seen in patch 3.12. An odd exclusion, however, Riot has explained that they are "still keeping an all-seeing eye on how the meta is evolving and once we have hollowed out some space to reduce agony we’ll be shipping them out to you in the next patch."

Even after Riot announced the bug fixes in patch 3.12, many players were still left unsatisfied as there are a number of bugs that still need to be addressed in the game. These are:

  • Barrier counts as being “gained” while the units in question are in your hand. This can be particularly problematic with the new Void Abomination card, as it technically has a persistent self-buff while in hand to show you the keywords, and this counts as "gaining" a barrier when you draw it.
  • Harrowing will crash your opponent’s game if it revives a Wraithcaller and activates its Allegiance effect.
  • Gleaming Lantern’s cost reduction doesn’t go away if you Attach a unit but the attached unit still benefits from said cost reduction.
  • Husks make play effects not work correctly if your bench is full.

In any case, we can only hope the next Legends of Runeterra patch will be better than this. You can read the full patch 3.12 details on the official Legends of Runeterra site.

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