New Mobile Games Coming To Netflix In September

Netflix has revealed a list of new games that will be coming to the Netflix mobile app in September 2022.

Netflix Mobile Games New September 2022
Here are the four new mobile games you can see on Netflix in September 2022! | © Netflix

New mobile games have been announced to be coming to Netflix in September 2022. You can play these games on any device, be it Android or iOS, and in any part of the world as long as you have a Netflix account. They cover a wide variety of game genres so don't worry - there'll be at least one game for everyone.

You might recognize some of these game titles as several of them were expected to be released in August 2022. But, they were pushed to be released this month. Let's take a look at all of them.

Netflix Mobile Game Releases - September 2022

Four mobile games are expected to come to Netflix in September 2022: Lucky Luna, IMMORTALITY, Wild Things: Animal Adventures, and Rival Pirates.

Let's go over each gameplay you can see in each game and their respective release dates.

Lucky Luna

Netflix September 2022 Mobile Games Lucky Luna
Lucky Luna is a new original Netflix game! | © Netflix

Lucky Luna is a unique platformer that comes straight from Netflix's game team. The story revolves around Luna - a character who wakes up as an outcast on a mysterious island alone and with no recollection of her past. Go on a magical journey through various locations like hidden temples and secret dungeons as you try to uncover Luna's past and complete fun challenges.

As for in-game features, Lucky Luna will have new mechanics for every new environment, leaderboards for each level in Story mode and Endless mode, over sixty achievements you can get, and hidden challenge rooms in Story mode.

Lucky Luna has been available for play since September 8. You can watch the game launch trailer here.


Netflix Mobile Games September 2022 IMMORTALITY
Solve a mystery with IMMORTALITY. | © Sam Barlow / Half Mermaid

IMMORTALITY is a thriller mystery game from director Sam Barlow. It focuses on a film starlet, Marissa Marcel, who mysteriously vanishes. She's a young actress who's known for her talent, magnetism, and beauty. Play this game to uncover the dark truth behind her disappearing act.

No release date has been revealed for IMMORTALITY, but we can expect it to be released soon. You can watch IMMORTALITY's game trailer here.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures

Netflix September 2022 Mobile Games Wild Things: Animal Adventures
Solve puzzles in Wild Things: Animal Adventures! | © Jam City Inc.

Wild Things: Animal Adventures is a colorful match-3 adventure game where you can build your "dream habitat" with the help of your animal buddies: Liam the Lion and Emma the Elephant. A wild storm recently wrecked the local habitat, so your job is to rebuild, redesign, and renovate it to help all the animals.

No release date for Wild Things: Animal Adventures has been confirmed, but we can expect it to be released soon. You can watch the game trailer here.

Rival Pirates

Netflix Mobile Games September 2022 Rival Pirates Battle Royale
Set sail for the high seas and become number one in Rival Pirates! | © Netflix

Rival Pirates is a new multiplayer battle royale where you can play as a pirate ship on a mission to take out all enemies and be the last one standing. You can customize your 'loadout' like other battle royales by choosing two crew members and a ship to enter battle with. Each match will have up sixteen players.

No release date has been revealed for Rival Pirates, but we can expect to see it come to Netflix soon.

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