Warzone Mobile May 2023 Update: New Weapons, Map, Killstreaks, More

The Warzone Mobile May 2023 Update is here with new weapons, map, killstreaks, and more. Here's everything that has come in the update.

Warzone mobile 2
The latest update has landed in Warzone Mobile with a ton of new content. | © Activision Blizzard

Warzone Mobile has released recently released its latest in-game update and we're excited about this one. It added a lot of new content to the game, including pivotal gameplay additions such as new weapons, lethal equipment, and killstreaks.

We'll also see the fan-favorite map, Scrapyard, enter Warzone Mobile. You can expect high-octane battles and 1v1 action in it.

But enough talk, here’s everything new in Warzone Mobile’s latest update.

Warzone Mobile May Update - New Weapons

Ftac siege
The FTAC Siege has arrived with Warzone Mobile's latest update. | © Activision

Warzone Mobile has been constantly updating its weapon arsenal, so new weapons have been brought as part of the new update to the main version of the game as well.

Three new weapons have been added to Warzone Mobile as part of the latest update:

  • FTAC Siege (Pistol)
  • .50 GS (Pistol)
  • Buzzsaw (Melee)

Warzone Mobile May Update - New Lethal Equipment: Shuriken

Shuriken Warzone Mobile
Slice up your enemies with the new lethal kill streak. | © Activision Blizzard

Shuriken, a legendary piece of equipment that first appeared in Infinite Warfare, is now making its way to Warzone Mobile. You can throw it at enemies to deal massive damage and take them down.

Warzone Mobile May Update - New Multiplayer Map: Scrapyard

This will be the second mobile game Scrapyard is being added to after COD Mobile. | © Activision

Scrapyard first appeared as a map in Modern Warfare and its release on Warzone Mobile makes it the second mobile title to feature the map. It was earlier added to COD Mobile as well.

It's an aircraft boneyard with many broken airplane parts scattered across the map. Scrapyard has limited cover areas, however, there are several camping locations, so be wary of that when fighting on this map.

Warzone Mobile May Update - New Multiplayer Killstreaks

Three new multiplayer killstreaks were added to Warzone Mobile in the May update:

  • Overwatch HELO
  • Care Package
  • Emergency Airdrop

Warzone Mobile May Update - Miscellaneous Changes

Warzone Mobile May Changes
Expect to see these changes in Warzone Mobile. | © Activision Blizzard

Several miscellaneous changes were also added to Warzone Mobile as part of the May update:

  • Added Gunsmith Tutorial
  • Added Orientation Submap
  • Added VFX Support for Legendary Weapons
  • Improved Verdansk Map
  • Improved Main Hub & Main Menu
  • Improved Weapon Menu
  • Improved Gyroscope Settings

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