PUBG Mobile Vibe'n Drive: Start/End Date, Rewards, More

Vibe'n Drive is the latest event to come to PUBG Mobile; here is everything you need to know.

Viben drive
Get some free cosmetic rewards in the PUBG Mobile's Vibe'n Drive event. | © Krafton

It's summertime, and in PUBG Mobile, it's time to kick back, drop in, and catch some free rewards in the Vibe'n Drive event. This two-week event kicked off on August 11 and offers all players the opportunity of earning some legendary rewards.

This event is all about collecting Vibe tokens, which can then be redeemed for an assortment of rewards, including the Kendo Master Cover and the Kendo Master Set.

To learn more, including how to quickly acquire Vibe tokens, our event guide will explain all.

PUBG Mobile Vibe'N Drive - Start And End Time

The Vibe'N Drive started on Thursday, August 11, and runs for two weeks until midnight on Wednesday, August 24.

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The event calendar for PUBG Mobile's Vibe'N Drive event. | © Krafton

The event itself has four sub-events, there of which runs for the entire allotted time, while another, the Ultimate Arena event, which kicks off on Thursday, August 18, and runs until the overarching event's end.

PUBG Mobile Vibe'N Drive - Rewards

There are plenty of rewards for players to unlock in the Vibe'n Drive event, from AG credits to weapon skins and a legendary outfit.

Most rewards must be redeemed using Vibe tokens which you collect by completing challenges, while a select few others can be earned simply by logging into the game during the event time and claiming them.

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The Kendo Master Set is the headline reward of the Vibe'n Drive. | © Krafton

There are eight items in the event shop (and multiple of the same for gifting); they are:

  • Supply Crate Coupon Scrap (10) - 2 Vibe tokens
  • Classic Crate Coupon Scrap (10) - 4 Vibe tokens
  • Vibe Graffiti (20) - 8 Vibe tokens
  • Parachute Trial (Green) (3) - 40 Vibe tokens
  • Lovely Baker Cover (2) - 68 Vibe tokens
  • Lovely Baker Set (2) - 118 Vibe tokens
  • Kendo Master Cover (1) - 218 Vibe tokens
  • Kendo Master Set (1) - 818 Vibe tokens

The chances of redeeming all these rewards are slight, so if you have your mind set on the Kendo Master outfit, you are best saving your Vibe tokens up rather than spending them on some of the lower rarity items.

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Vibe tokens can be redeemed for rewards in the event shop. | © Krafton

Other rewards are available through the Festive Party sub-event, including the Frog Tourist - S12K.

How To Get Vibe Tokens

There are a number of ways to earn Vibe tokens in the Vibe'n Drive event, but the most immediately impactful way is by inviting your friends to fire up PUBG Mobile through the Calling All Comrades! event.

There are 600 Vibe coins on offer here, with a set amount reward depending on how many friends you invite back to the game. To do so, you will need to send your friend your Invitation Code, which you can find in the Calling All Comrades! event screen.

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The quickest way to earn Vibe tokens is through the Calling All Comrades! event. | © Krafton

Fifteen friends will need to use your Invitation Code to get 500 of the Vibe coins, while you can earn another 100 by using someone else's code.

Another valuable way of earning Vibe coins is through the daily missions which are part of the Festive Party event. You can earn up to 160 Vibe coins a day by simply logging in, adding friends to your friend list, and completing matches with friends.

Remember, you have until August 24, so if you are keen to get some of those higher rarity awards, get logging in and complete those daily login challenges—and get some friends to do it with.

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