Rainbow Six Mobile Beta Expands To Europe

Players from France, UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain will soon be receiving invites to take part in the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta.

Rainbow Six Mobile banner 4
Rainbow Six Mobile's closed beta is coming to Europe. | © Ubisoft

The team behind Rainbow Six Mobile has announced that the closed beta is to expand to Europe.

As revealed in a tweet on October 5, some players from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom can expect to receive invites in the coming days.

Only those that pre-registered their interest for the title will be in line for an invite, and not everyone that pre-registered will automatically be invited.

Invites have been going out in waves since the closed beta's launch back on September 12.

The closed beta initially included Brazil, India, Singapore, and the Philippines, added to the three countries eligible for the closed alpha: Canada, Mexico, and the United States.

Now with five European countries eligible, the Rainbow Six Mobile closed beta is available in 12 countries, spanning four continents.

Currently, the beta is only available on Android, with the developers promising an iOS playtest in the near future.

Rainbow Six Mobile Closed Beta Expands To Europe After Troubled Start

This is the latest encouraging sign that the development of Rainbow Six Mobile is back on track after server issues derailed the opening weeks of the closed beta, leaving many invited players unable to play the game.

Those problems were largely resolved with a client update and increased server capacity, and the developers have since added new limited-time modes, including the hardcore 'Veteran' and the more casual 'Quickplay' game modes.

Veteran game mode rainbow six mobile
Rainbow Six Mobile got a Veteran mode which takes place each weekend during the closed beta. | © Ubisoft

Following this, more invitations were sent out to players, and with more countries now being added, the Rainbow Six Mobile development team must be confident that the worse is behind them.

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