Clash Royale April (Season 46) Balance Changes: All Buffs, Nerfs & Reworks

We'll be going over all the buffs, nerfs, and reworks that arrived in the April 2023 balance changes for Clash Royale.

April Balance Changes Clash Royale
New balance changes have arrived in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

It's been well over a month since balance changes landed in Clash Royale. We saw the last installment come in February. But if you ask us, it was well worth the wait.

In March, the devs were hard at work on a massive game update that was recently launched. It reworked the Pass Royale to include better rewards, added a new in-game currency called Season Tokens, and revamped Events to have a better rotation of game modes.

Now, they're back at it to rebalance the meta after their month-long hiatus. The April balance changes was released in Clash Royale recently and they bring some much-needed adjustments to cards.

Clash Royale - April (Season 46) Balance Changes

April Balance Changes Clash Royale
The Mega Minion might become a better option than the Phoenix in Clash Royale. | © Supercell

A variety of cards are in the cross-hairs of the coming balance changes. They're, for the most part, major players in the meta as of late so they're unsurprising picks, to say the least.

We saw buffs reserved for the Mega Minion and Spear Goblins. Nerfs, on the other hand, will be dealt towards Archers, the Golden Knight, Miner, and Phoenix. Separately, Rascals and Furnace will receive a minor rework.

Here are the balance changes in detail:

CardBalance Changes
  • First hit time is now 80% slower.
Mega Minion
  • Hit speed is 6% faster.
  • Spawn speed is 1 second faster.
  • Lifetime decreased from 33 seconds to 28 seconds.
Golden Knight
  • Dash distance decreased from 6 tiles to 5.5 tiles (8% decrease).
  • Crown Tower damage decreased by 17%.
  • Death damage decreased by 10%.
  • Spacing increased from 1.9 tiles to 3 tiles.
  • Rascal Boy HP increased from 6%.
  • Rascal Girl first hit time is 38% faster.
Spear Goblins
  • Attack range increased from 5 tiles to 5.5 tiles (10% increase).

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