Featured And Hot Locations Will Appear Less In Marvel Snap

The appearance rate of Featured and Hot Locations in Marvel Snap will be reduced.

Featured Hot Location Changes
You'll be seeing less of Featured and Hot Locations in Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Locations are getting a minor update in Marvel Snap. The devs have announced that both Featured and Hot Locations will now last only 24 hours and have a 50% chance of appearing.

This will certainly be a relief for some players who found the previous system infuriating as these locations would appear in almost every other game. It's a tiresome experience especially if you're testing out new decks.

These changes come in tandem with another update to the location system in Marvel Snap. Previously, several new locations would be introduced to the game every season. A new location would debut during the weekly Featured/Hot Location event.

Now, the devs have stated that they will be reducing the number of new locations added per season. Existing locations will now make the occasional appearance in the Featured/Hot Location event.

It's an interesting set of changes. However, they're not set in stone. The devs will add more in the future should the community voice out against or support the recently added changes.

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