Best Nimrod Decks In Marvel Snap

Here are the best decks to use for Nimrod in Marvel Snap.

Nimrod best decks
These are the best Nimrod decks currently in Marvel Snap. | © Second Dinner

This week came a new season of Marvel Snap and, with it, a new slew of cards.

The Days of Future Past's main card is Nimrod! He's a much more advanced version of the Sentinel robots designed to hunt and kill mutants. Nimrod is a card that only activates once it has been destroyed. Once destroyed, Nimrod will place a copy of himself at every location, and since the guy is a 5-power card, that is pretty strong!

He has been seeing a lot of play this week probably due to him being a Destruction-focused card. Destruction decks are highly in vogue and make up much of the top-tier decks in the game right now.

We've gathered some decks that use Nimrod as a core card and can't wait to show them to you!

Nimrod Sera

Nimrod sera
Our Nimrod Sera deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This is a very solid deck with a pretty straightforward game plan which is playing Nimrod and killing him. The cards we have to achieve this goal are Carnage and Venom. Both of these cards destroy other cards placed at their location. The absolute best way to play Nimrod, though, would be on turn 6 after you've played Sera.

Once Sera is played she will reduce the cost of all of your cards by 1. So on turn 6, if you have a Carnage in hand and a Nimrod, you can pop off this combo and put 5 points up on every location. Not to mention the other cards you may have played prior, like Bucky Barnes, who turns into a 5-power Winter Soldier. Nova, when he's killed, will buff every card by 1-power as well. Bishop gains 1-power for every card played too, so playing Nimrod would, in theory, give him 3 extra power.

There are a lot of possibilities with this deck, and we think its consistency will see it played pretty heavily this season.

Nimrod Cerebro

Nimrod cerebro
Our Nimrod Cerebro deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This deck is a control aggro deck. The goal here is going to be flooding your board with high-power cards and controlling where your opponent is allowed to play theirs with Polaris. The main combo you want to focus on here would be, of course, playing Nimrod turn 5 and then Deathlok turn 6 to get Nimrods skill to activate. After that, the potential is rather high. Turn 6 you would have 3 power left to spend.

This leads to the other cards, like Cerebro, who will buff your highest power cards by 2. So if you have Nimrod out, they all become 7-power. If you're in a sticky situation, you can play Polaris to move any enemy 1- or 2-cost cards to her location, effectively flooding the opponent's board.

Another opportunity here would be playing Wave turn 3 and then getting any of your 6-cost cards out turn 4. Doom would drop 5-power clones at your other locations, eliminating your need for Nimrod. Or, if you're lucky, you could play Nimrod and double up even more on the board.

Nimrod Death

Nimrod death
Nimrod Death deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Like the other decks mentioned before, this one is focused on destroying our cards. Nimrod, Destroyer, and Death are the three most important cards in the deck. While you can't play all of them in one game, you will play one of them at least. Ideally, we would have Nimrod turn 5, and then Destroyer turn 6. Destroyer is great at, you guessed it, destroying our cards.

On top of that engine, we have Wave once again, who would help us tremendously either by getting out Nimrod early or even Death if we have her in hand turn 4. Death is a card you can always potentially play early if you've destroyed a lot of cards. Venom, Carnage, and Deathlok will let us get the power reduction for Death to be played while also potentially bringing in even bigger power pops with Bucky and Nimrod.

Nimrod Galactus

Nimrod galactus
Nimrod Galactus deck profile. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

This is sort of a grab bag deck; we've added the best control cards and even some that are in Series 4 and Series 5. So realistically speaking, this deck is going to be very rare to see on the ladder, but since we're speaking hypothetically, it looks very fun.

Ideally, with this deck, we are going to want to make sure one of our locations has enough power to win since we want to focus on using Galactus on turn 6 if we draw him. Galactus destroys the other two locations and their associated cards if he is the only card at that location. It narrows down the playing field to just one, which is cool. Having just 6 power at one location isn't ideal though, so that is why we have cards like Wolverine and Nimrod. Playing these at the location we don't want to play Galactus will act as a distraction to the enemy.

But this will, in turn, also make sure on turn 6 when we play Galactus that the destroyed cards' effects will go to the one location, guaranteed Wolverine and Nimrod placements. Some fun combos outside of this would be playing Hobgoblin in the location we want to play Galactus. Or even playing Doctor Octopus at one of the other locations, so our opponent will get four cards ripped from their hand at random, but also they will be killed in the final round. This is a mean deck!

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