Marvel Snap Days Of Future Past Season: Cards, Locations, Variants

Here's a complete overview of all the new cards, locations, and variants that are coming to Marvel Snap in the Days of Future Past season.

Days Of Future Past New Banner
Time travel in Marvel Snap's Days of Future Past season. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

After traveling down to the Quantum Realm, we'll be going on yet another journey in Marvel Snap. This time, we're time-traveling in the newDays of Future Past season.

We'll be saying hello to fresh new cards and meeting familiar faces redressed in colorful variants. This journey will also take us through several new locations.

The Days of Future Past season will be available in Marvel Snap between March 6 and April 3. Let's dive into everything that'll come in this season.

Marvel Snap Days Of Future Past Season - Season Pass Card

Overwhelm your opponents with the new Season Pass card: Nimrod. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Nimrod is a 5-Cost 5-Power card with the ability 'When this card is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.' It's a great inclusion in Destroy decks where cards such as Galactus or Negasonic Teenage Warhead will perfectly synergize with them.

As usual, you can get the Season Pass in Marvel Snap for USD $9.99.

Marvel Snap Days Of Future Past Season - New Cards

New Cards Future Past
From left: Kitty Pryde, Master Mold, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Three new cards will be added in the new season: Kitty Pryde, Master Mold, and Negasonic Teenage Warhead. They are all Series 5 cards.

Here's a closer look at their stats and abilities:

  • Kitty Pryde: A 1-Cost 0-Power card with the ability 'You can return this your hand to gain +2 Power'. Kitty Pryde will be released on March 28.
  • Master Mold: A 2-Cost 2-Power card with the ability 'On Reveal: Add 2 Sentinels to your opponent's hand'. Master Mold will be released on March 14.
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead: A 3-Cost 4-Power card with the ability 'After any card is played here, destroy this card and that card'. Negasonic Teenage Warhead will be released on March 21.

Marvel Snap Days Of Future Past Season - New Locations

Locations Days Of Future Past New
Three new locations will be added in this new season. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

The coming season will introduce three new locations to Marvel Snap: Asteroid M, Krakoa, and Orchis Forge.

Here's a look at their abilities:

  • Asteroid M: After you play a 3 or 4-Cost card, move it here.
  • Krakoa: On turn 5, this location will take over and play both players' cards for them.
  • Orchis Forge: After you play a card here, add a Sentinel to your hand.

Marvel Snap Days Of Future Past Season - New Variants

Variants Days Of Future Past
All of the variants from this season. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Several variants are available this season. This includes:

  • Nimrod (Kim Jacinto)
  • Cable (Kael Ngu)
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead
  • X-Men
  • Kitty Pryde (Volmi)
  • Master Mold (Dan Hipp)
  • Domino (Jim Lee)
  • Bishop (Jim Lee)
  • Shadow King (Luca Claretti)
  • Jubilee (Variant)
  • Armor (Variant)
  • Shadow King (Revealed)
  • Apocalypse (Variant)
  • Kitty Pryde (Stormbreakers)
  • Mister Sinister (Variant)
  • Bishop (Variant)
  • Sentinel (Variant)
  • Forge (Variant)
  • Angel (Variant)
  • Bishop (Steampunk)
  • Falcon (Steampunk)
  • Shocker (Steampunk)
  • Cerebro (Steampunk)
  • Yellow Jacket (Steampunk)

The Steampunk variants will be available in a variant rush that is going to be held between March 21 and April 4. Every time you open a Collector's Reserve during this period, there's a chance of you getting one of these Steampunk variants.

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