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Four New Cards Coming To Boom Beach: Frontlines

The new Boom Beach: Frontlines update introduces four cards to the game. Here are all the details about them.

Boom Beach: Frontlines new cards guide update space ape games
Four new cards will be coming to Boom Beach: Frontlines in the next update. | © Space Ape Games

Space Ape Games has released a major update to Boom Beach: Frontlines. In it, we're treated to four brand-new cards that spice up the card selection. As the game was only recently launched, the card pool has been somewhat limited. Since then, we've been treated to a single new troop with every new season to date. So, it's a nice change of pace to have four new cards come to the game.

These cards cover a variety of different areas, from defenses to power-ups and vehicles. They have excellent abilities and can offer significant advantages in battle. Let's go over all of them.

Four New Cards Arrive In Boom Beach: Frontlines

In the new update, the maximum player level has been increased from level 56 to 60. With this change, four cards will be introduced to Boom Beach: Frontlines: Critter Launcher, Critter Pods, Laser Ray, and Laser Tank.

Critter Launcher

Boom Beach Frontlines New Cards Critter Launcher Guide Space Ape Games
Launch Critters at your enemies with the Critter Launcher! | © Space Ape Games

Critter Launcher is a Common defense that sends robotic Critters flying toward enemies. They serve as excellent distractions and can deal insane damage if they aren't destroyed.

Critter Pods

Boom Beach Frontlines New Cards Critter Pods Guide Space Ape Games
Deal damage and annoy your enemies with Critter Pods. | © Space Ape Games

Critter Pods are a Rare power-up. When these pods land, they fire two rockets that deal damage and spawn a swarm of Critters to attack nearby enemies.

Laser Ray

Boom Beach Frontlines Four new Cards Laser Ray Guide Space Ape Games
Defend your base with the powerful Laser Ray. | © Space Ape Games

Laser Ray is an Epic defense whose range increases as it fires and can deal damage to enemies in a straight line. It's similar to the Laser Tank and Laser Ranger.

Laser Tank

Boom Beach Frontlines New Cards Laser Tank Guide Space Ape Games
Lead the battle charge with the Laser Tank. | © Space Ape Games

Laser Tank is an Epic vehicle whose attack range increases as it fires and deals damage to all opponents in a straight line. It's similar to the Laser Ranger and Laser Ray.

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