Pixel Piece Sea Beast Island Location, Boss Fight, Item Drops, And More

This Pixel Piece guide shares the location of Sea Beast boss and Beast Island while talking about item drops and other things.

Pixel Piece 2
Beast Island is one of the new locations added to Pixel Piece, with the major update released on February 5, 2023. | © World Up Studios

Sea Beast island, aka Beast Island, is a new location in Pixel Piece, added to the game with Update 1, along with other additions like Arlong boss, Sea Beast boss, a new Pixel Fruit, Paw-Paw, and much more.

With the update being out, many players want to explore Sea Beast island. But since the game doesn't offer you a direct waypoint to these new islands unless you pay for their respective log pose, finding them is daunting.

To make things easier, we are here with a handy guide on Pixel Piece Sea Beasts, where we not only share the location of the Beast Island but also talk about the Sea Beast boss, its drops, and other key info.

Where To Find Sea Beast Island In Pixel Piece

Sea Beast Island
You can use a fast boat to reach Sea Beast island quickly. | Credit: XenoTY

In Pixel Piece, you can find the Sea Beast island south of the Syrup Village and north of Shark Park. To reach there, when you spawn at the Central Port, purchase a boat from Robe in exchange for 25 gold.

Purchase a Boat Pixel Piece
A normal boat will cost you 25 Gold, but you can use a better one that costs more. | © World Up Studios

Once that is done, take the boat and travel northeast from the Central Port. This may take some time. But keep traveling, and you will eventually reach Sea Beast island.

Unlike most of the islands in Pixel Piece, Sea Beast island is somewhat bare regarding environment design and has a rectangular plan with no elevated platforms.

Sea Beast Boss Location In Pixel Piece

Sea Beast Boss
Sea Beast boss spawn location on Beast Island. | Credit: XenoTY

As the name suggests, you can find the Sea Beast boss on Beast Island. Once you arrive at the island, go to the center, and you will find a large pool of water. And that is where you fight the Sea Beast boss.

You can fight the boss solo, with friends, or with randoms. But keep in mind if you are fighting the boss in a group, make sure to deal significant damage, or the kill won't count.

What Does Sea Beast Boss Drop In Pixel Piece

The Sea Beast boss in Pixel Piece drops an item called Sea Beast Teeth in different colors. Apart from that, there is no other drop that we found during our playthrough. Take note, though, at the time of writing, the Pixel Piece servers are still under maintenance, and we cannot farm the boss enough to check if there is any other drop.

In any case, we will update this section if there are any changes to the Sea Beast drops. Till then, these are the items the Sea Beast boss drops:

  • Red Sea Beast Teeth
  • Blue Sea Beast Teeth
  • Green Sea Beast Teeth

Where To Use Sea Beast Teeth In Pixel Piece

You can use the different Sea Beast Teeth at Richman's shop located on Central Port island to purchase different swords and beast masks.

All Items You Can Purchase Using Sea Beast Teeth In Pixel Piece

You will find Richman's shop at the highest point on the Central Island. | Credit: XenoTy

You can purchase six items from Richman using different colored Sea Beast Teeth. These are:

  • Blue Beast Katana
    • Price: 70 Blue Sea Beast Teeth
  • Blue Beast Mask
    • Price: 40 Blue Sea Beast Teeth
  • Red Beast Katana
    • Price: 90 Red Sea Beast Teeth
  • Red Beast Mask
    • Price: 60 Red Sea Beast Teeth
  • Green Beast Katana
    • Price: 100 Green Sea Beast Teeth
  • Green Beast Mask
    • Price: 80 Green Sea Beast Teeth

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