Supercell Is Creating A New Game Set In A New Universe

In a recent job posting, Supercell is looking for a full-time Game Designer who will work on an "unannounced game on a brand new IP." Here's all the info we know so far!

Supercell New Game 2022
Supercell is gearing up for a brand new title with a new IP. | © Supercell

The cogs in the massive Finnish mobile game company are moving! Supercell appear to be developing a new game that could see elements of their successful Clash-themed games but with a whole new setting. We've known that the devs are always pushing to create new games, just take a look at the recently announced Clash Quest game.

That being said, there's a lot to unpack so let's dive into it!

Brand New Supercell Game, Brand New IP

Supercell tweeted that they were looking for a new Game Designer to join the Supercell team full-time in Shanghai, China. Here's the tweet:

Heading to the Supercell site to read about the job description gives more clues what they're cooking for in the new game. There's a massive piece of news there that could shake things up:

Supercell is looking for an experienced Game Designer to join a team that is working on an unannounced game on a brand new IP.

If you're unfamiliar with what a "new IP" means, it's simple. Short for Intellectual Property, it basically means that the new game will be set in a new universe with its own host of new characters and plot lines.

So chances are, you'll have to say good-bye to the classic Barbarians troops and royal theme of the Clash Games. But fret not, it won't be a daunting task for the devs. Supercell have branched out into new IP games in the past with popular titles such as Boom Beach and Brawl Stars.

It's Kind Of A Big Deal...

Whatever game Supercell have in store for us, it seems like a big deal as a follow-up tweet to the job posting tweet shows that the company is willing to relocate their newest team member to China.

Despite the new IP, we can expect the game to carry similar aspects of their successful games as we dive in deeper into the job description. Here's what the devs have to say:

As a Game Designer, you will design, tweak, and optimize the player experience. Your analytical skills, player insight, knowledge of how F2P games engage and monetize, and creativity aid in crafting in and out of game experiences that engage and surprise players.

There are two main takeaways from this statement. First, we can definitively say that game will be F2P. This isn't much of a surprise as previous Supercell games have always been like this, but it's a nice touch considering that many new games like Diablo Immortal and Genshin Impact heavily require players to purchase in-game items to enjoy the game.

Secondly, the part about the job requiring "creativity aid in crafting in and out of game experiences that engage and surprise players" is interesting. Out-of-game experiences could suggest that the game would have a competitive aspect that may even lead to potential esports tournaments.

Whatever it is, the game seems to be in the early stages and we might have to wait a while before it's released. In the meantime, check out the latest news we have from the current Supercell games: