This Marvel Snap Infinite Loop Trick Needs To Be Patched Quick

By using the Bar Sinister location and Arnim Zola card, you can create an infinite loop in Marvel Snap.

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A combination of the Bar Sinister location and Arnim Zola card creates an infinite gameplay loop. | © Nuverse

The world of Marvel Snap has plenty of potential for skulduggery, much of it baked into the game's cards and locations.

There is an honesty to the reversals you can pull off, a well-timed Odin or Venom dramatically switching up the balance of power and snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.

But one player has discovered a way to... if not win, at least force a time-wasting standoff that either leaves you to back out or watch this Marvel Snap infinite loop trick continue indefinitely.

Marvel Snap Infinite Loop Trick Is A Phone Breaker

The trick was seemingly discovered by YouTuber Brian Crecente, who uses the Arnim Zola card and the Bar Sinister location to create an infinite loop of reactions that means the game will never end - unless someone retreats.

For the uninitiated, when you play a card in Bar Sinister, it fills the rest of the slots (of which there are three) with copies of the card. Crecente plays Arnim Zola here, which, when played, destroys a random friendly card at that same location and then creates copies of it at other locations.

Crecente was clearly waiting for the moment to show off this trick. Having waited until the last round and having played no other cards up until this point, Crecente's placing of Arnim Zola on Bar Sinister sees the card being placed and destroyed infinitely, with no end in sight.

Arnim zola 3
The infinite loop trick sees Arnim Zola replicating himself across the board. | © Nuverse

In this particular game, the process goes on for over 12 minutes and maybe even longer as the video ends before we see the result of the match.

It should be noted that this infinite loop isn't a great strategy to win games because if your opponent doesn't back out, you would have to do so. Though I have to say, I am not sure I would have lasted twelve minutes of this, so fair play to Crecente's opponent.

Clearly, this is something the Marvel Snap developers will have to take a look at, especially if they are taking their aspirations seriously to add a tournament mode and create a proper esport scene around the card game.

Having said that, the chances of this happening are quite slim, but a word of caution. If you see the Bar Sinister location, and your opponent isn't playing any cards... hold off on that 'snap.'

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