Janna And Annie Will Be Reworked In Wild Rift Patch 4.3

It has been revealed that Wild Rift patch 4.3 will be introducing reworks to champions such as Janna and Annie to improve their performance in the game.

Janna Rework Patch4 3
Janna and Annie will be reworked in patch 4.3. | © Riot Games

Riot may be adding three new faces - Nilah, Hecarim, and Vladimir - to Wild Rift in patch 4.3, however, this does not mean that the developers will not be looking to improve other champions in the game.

The upcoming update will rework two champions: Janna and Annie. Riot describes these changes as a focus towards making them "unique and fun to play." Ultimately, they're meant to upgrade their overall performance in the meta.

So without further ado, let's dive into the new reworks that will be made to these champions in patch 4.3.

Wild Rift Patch 4.3 Will Rework Janna And Annie

Janna Patch4 3
Riot will be looking to improve the consistency of Janna's abilities. | © Riot Games

Janna has a couple of gameplay points that need to be addressed. The double tap to release her Howling Gale ability can be messy and her ultimate can often be accidentally canceled.

The upcoming rework will look to make Janna's abilities perform more consistently.

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Annie Patch4 3
Annie will be given a much-needed adjustment to her abilities. | © Riot Games

Annie is arguably one of the most popular champions in Wild Rift. Due to this, Riot believes that she's deserving of a rework to her abilities to make her more of a competitive pick.

For the most part, these changes will focus on her interactions - specifically those with Tibbers. The goal of this is to emphasize the power that can be unleashed by Annie onto opponents when these two are around.

In addition to these champion reworks, a variety of adjustments will be made to certain gameplay mechanics and items.

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