Brawl Stars Season 20 New Brawlers: Pearl And Chuck

Pearl and Chuck have been revealed to the new brawlers coming to Brawl Stars in Season 20. Here is a look at what they look like and all of their abilities.

Brawl Stars New Season20 New Brawlers
Pearl and Chuck are coming to Brawl Stars in Season 20. | © Supercell

Season 20, also known as 'Back to Ranger Ranch', is just around the corner and Supercell has just revealed the names of Brawl Stars' two new brawlers: Pearl and Chuck.

Pearl has been revealed to be a sharpshooting cookie oven robot who launches hot cookies at her enemies and is known to explode in a fiery heat at times. She will complete Sam and Belle's Trio.

On the other hand, Chuck is a former orchestra conductor turned train conductor at the Starr Park. The Ghost Station has turned him into a mean fighting machine that introduces one of the most unique Supers available in Brawl Stars.

We know you are desperate to know about them, so here is everything you need to know about Pearl and Chuck.

Pearl And Chuck Are The New Brawlers In Brawl Stars

Pearl Brawl Stars Banner
Pearl is a new brawler in Brawl Stars Season 20. | © Supercell

Pearlis a Chromatic rarity brawler who possesses a 'Heat' trait which increases over time. This heat bar will keep charging even when not attacking. The hotter Pearl gets, the more damage she deals in both her main attack and Super.

That said, Pearl's main attack sees her shoot rapid-fire cookies over a small spread in a targeted direction. Every time she shoots, her total stored heat will be reduced.

Pearl's Super allows her to release all her stored heat as an explosion around her in an AoE-style effect. This will destroy the environment, knock back, and damage nearby enemies.

As usual, Pearl will have two Gadgets and two Star Powers. These are:

  • Overcooked (Gadget): Pearl's next basic attack shoots burning cookies which deal 60% extra damage to enemies over three seconds.
  • Made With Love (Gadget): Pearl's next basic attack will shoot cookies that can heal allies for 25% of the damage over time instead.
  • Heat Retention (Star Power): Pearl's Super will only consume 50% of her stored heat.
  • Heat Shield (Star Power): While her stored heat is over 80%, the damage Pearl takes is reduced by 20%.

Pearl will also be one of the first brawlers in Brawl Stars to have a Hypercharge ability. With this activated, Pearl's Super will also leave a burning area on the ground for a few seconds.

You can unlock Pearl as a reward in Tier 30 of Season 20's Brawl Pass.

Besides this, players can unlock the Periscope Pearl skin at the end of the Season 20 Brawl Pass and purchase the Vintage Pearl skin for 29 Gems at the Shop.

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Chuck Brawl Stars Banner
Chuck is a terrifying new brawler who introduces a unique new Super to Brawl Stars. | © Supercell

Chuck is a Mythic rarity brawler who possesses a trait that allows them to start any game with their Super fully charged.

With his main attack, Chuck shoots a cloud of steam from his hat that will pierce and damage enemies on hit. It can hit a target up to three times.

Chuck's Super allows him to throw a sign on the ground that will damage and knock back enemies when deployed. These will allow Chuck to dash from sign to sign and damage enemies caught in his path. There will be a limited number of signs that he can use.

Like Pearl, Chuck will also have two Gadgets and two Star Powers. These include:

  • Rerouting (Gadget): Chuck removes the nearest sign and fully recharges his Super.
  • Ghost Train (Gadget): Chuck can dash through walls with his next Super.
  • Pit Stop (Star Power): Increases the maximum number of signs by one.
  • Tickets Please! (Star Power): Dashing through enemies with his Super will also steal 33% of their ammo.

Chuck will be released in October 2023. He will be available in the Starr Road and you can unlock him with Credits.

Players can also unlock the Inferno Chuck skin for 29 Gems at the Shop.

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