Barbarian Will Be The First To Get A Card Evolution In Clash Royale

Supercell has revealed the first card to receive the upcoming Card Evolution feature in Clash Royale.

Barbarian Card Evolution
The Barbarian will get his hands on unlimited power with his new Card Evolution. | © Supercell

Lightning power and magical potential - that's what Supercell is currently teasing with the new Card Evolution feature in Clash Royale.

It's been a mystery as to who would be the first recipient of this highly-anticipated feature. There were rumors circling around, but those have now been laid to rest as it has been revealed that the Barbarian will be the first to get a Card Evolution.

Despite this news, there is still very little that we know about Card Evolution and what it means for cards. As far as we can tell, we could potentially see the Barbarian receive increased stats, a new ability, and special animations.

We can expect concrete details to be revealed soon, but here's a preview of what we might see:

More cards are set to receive Card Evolutions in the future. As was revealed in a previous teaser, the cards that may get one are Firecracker, Skeletons, and the Royal Giant.

Card Evolution will be released to Clash Royale during the upcoming June update. Besides this feature, the update will also be reintroducing Chests and Crowns as rewards you can get by participating in Events and Card Level 15.

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