The Most Underrated Cards In Clash Royale

There are nearly 100 cards currently in Clash Royale. Some get played more than others but there are some whose power isn't acknowledged enough. Here are those underrated cards.

Clash Royale Most Underrated Cards Guide Supercell
We'll reveal the most underrated cards in Clash Royale! | © Supercell

You're spoilt for your choice in Clash Royale with the number of cards you can pick from. With the meta constantly evolving with every season update, some cards remain as staples, while others are relegated in favor of more popular or effective cards. Sometimes you're left with no choice but to go with the trend and use whatever cards most people are using.

However, there are several underrated cards that rarely see play, but can be a pick that will surprise your opponents with how powerful, effective, and difficult they are to counter. They offer significant advantages and can be a worthwhile inclusion in your deck to add a little variety.

So with that in mind, let's go over some of the most underrated cards in Clash Royale.

Most Underrated Cards In Clash Royale

There are five underrated cards in Clash Royale that we want to highlight: the Ice Wizard, Goblin Hut, Royal Recruits, Flying Machine, and Royale Delivery.

Ice Wizard

Clash Royale Ice Wizard Most Underrated Cards Guide Supercell
Ice Wizard is actually quite a powerful card! | © Supercell

Once upon a time, the Ice Wizard was one of the most powerful defensive cards in Clash Royale due to his ability to slow down enemies' movement and attack speed. However, this card has since been pushed out of decks as the current meta sees a lot more low-cost, aggro swarm decks that overwhelm players with minions and goblins. Unfortunately, these waves can overrun the Ice Wizard as his low damage output can't effectively deal with the scores of enemies that will almost certainly be unleashed upon him.

Still, we believe he has potential in his potential to reclaim his seat amongst the top cards. He's especially useful in the mid-trophy ranks where players tend to run heavier-cost decks that don't rely as much on swarming opponents.

Goblin Hut

Clash Royale Goblin Hut Most Underrated Cards Guide Supercell
The Goblin Hut is insane if your opponent can't deal with it! | © Supercell

Everyone knows that Goblins rule in Clash Royale! From the Goblin Barrel, Spear Goblins, and to the Goblin Cage, many Goblin-themed cards do incredibly well. However, that hasn't been the case for the Goblin Hut.

It's a hefty five-elixir cost card and many brush it off due to its cost but don't be mistaken because it packs quite the punch - especially if you deploy it behind your Princess towers. Spear Goblins are almost a staple card in some decks, so if you have a Hut that can consistently spawn them, you're golden. Swarms are the name of the game in some metas and the Goblin Hut has proved itself to be an effective swarmer.

Royal Recruits

Clash Royale Royal Recruits Most Underrated Cards Guide Supercell
These recruits will give you your money's worth! | © Supercell

Royal Recruits have been treated quite unfairly simply because of its scattered, horizontal-line deployment that many dislike because it runs counter to the funnel-based play everyone goes for. Not to mention its seven Elixir cost.

Still, this card is arguably one of the best defensive cards in Clash Royale because these Recruits have a high HP and bonus shield health (just like the meta mainstay Dark Prince). The horizontal-line deployment actually serves as this card's most vital point because it can distract enemies across the arena and allow you to deploy units to take them down. This is especially effective against swarm decks.

Flying Machine

Clash Royale Flying Machine Most Underrated Cards Guide Supercell
The Flying Machine can slide nicely into any meta! | © Supercell

Flying Machine has seen somewhat of a resurgence lately but this card still lurks in the shadows of the lower levels. It's a powerful four Elixir unit that's similar to the popular Dart Goblin. However, unlike the Dart Goblin, it flies so it's less vulnerable to ground swarms that are popular in most metas. This means that the Flying Machine gives you the ability to take out swarms of Hogs, Skeletons, and even Goblins.

The Flying Machine has low HP but a long range so it's best you deploy it behind tankier troops to provide support from afar.

Royale Delivery

Clash Royale Royale Delivery Underrated Cards Guide Supercell
The Royal Delivery packs quite a punch! | © Supercell

The Royal Delivery provides excellent defensive and offensive opportunities to your deck for a measly three Elixir. When it's deployed on the battlefield, it will land on an area and deal moderate damage. Not only that, but a Royal Recruit will emerge from the package to distract and damage enemies.

It may not be the best against high HP units, but it will stack up nicely in front of your core troop wave and the latter stages of a game against high-density troops waves.

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