Rocket League Sideswipe's New Season Has Been Delayed (Again)

With just hours notice, Rocket League Sideswipe's developers have announced that Season 7 will miss its release date.

Rocket league sideswipe
Season 7 of Rocket League Sideswipe has been indefinitely delayed. | © Psyonix

Today (January 25) was supposed to be the day when fans of Rocket League Sideswipe would be able to tuck into Season 7. Still, just hours from its launch the developers have announced that it has been delayed - with no new date given for its release.

The announcement was made through the Rocket League Status Twitter, with the need for added "polish" given for its delay.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time a new seasonal update has been delayed - and with short notice. In June of last year, Season 4 was delayed for a couple of weeks - the devs again citing the need for "polish".

With no confirmed release date for Season 7, players will now be left wondering when they can enjoy the new features, like the continuous Rocket Pass and 3v3 ranked mode.

Until then, Season 6 is being extended, giving players a little bit more time to grind for those exclusive ranked rewards.

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