Shanna Is The Latest Card To Join Marvel Snap

Shanna is the most recent card to be added to Marvel Snap.

Marvel Snap Shanna
Shanna is the newest card to be added to Marvel Snap. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Only a week after Sauron was released in Marvel Snap, another new card has been added to the game - Shanna. She's part of a batch of cards that will be released weekly during the Savage Land season.

Shanna is a strong addition for decks that rely on overwhelming enemies with low-cost cards. She's also an underdog pick that can potentially unleash a world of hurt onto your enemies.

Here's everything you need to know about Shanna.

Shanna Is The Newest Card To Join Marvel Snap

Shanna Marvel Snap
Shanna is a powerful addition to low-cost decks. | © Marvel / Second Dinner

Shanna is a 4-Cost 2-Power card with the ability 'On Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to each location.'

It's a versatile card that, at first glance, will synergize incredibly well with cards like Kazar and Falcon. Kazar is great for boosting the Power level of the summoned 1-Cost cards, while Falcon is great for getting replay value out of them. Shanna is also a great pick to fill Locations like Altar of Death, Morag, Death's Domain, Lechuguilla, and others that either return cards to your hand or destroy them.

If you're looking to counter Shanna, then you have to pick Killmonger. He's able to destroy all 1-Cost cards. Alternatively, you can run Cosmo in your deck to disable enemy 'On Reveal' abilities at a particular Location.

With Sauron and Shanna already added to the game, we'll be waiting on the arrival of two other new cards in the Savage Land season. These are:

  • Dazzler (will be released on January 24)
  • Shadow King (will be released on January 31)

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