Two New Cards Added To Legends Of Runeterra In Patch 4.1

Riot has added two new cards to Legends of Runeterra in a recent live balance patch.

New Cards Lo R Feb2023
Two new cards have been added to Legends of Runeterra. | © Riot Games

Patch 4.1 didn't just introduce buffs and nerfs to Legends of Runeterra - it also brought in new cards.

If a patch introducing new cards sounds bizarre, don't fret; it's all just part of Riot's new system where live balance changes will add cards and other content to the game. The devs explained that this is meant to ensure that Legends of Runeterra remains vibrant between expansions.

We know you're excited to see these cards, so let's jump into it.

Soul Cleave And Castigate Are Legends Of Runeterra's Newest Cards

New Cards Lo R Feb2023
Legends of Runeterra's newest cards: Soul Cleave (left) and Castigate (right). | © Riot Games

Soul Cleave and Castigate are the two new cards in Legends of Runeterra. Here are the details about them:

  • Soul Cleave: 3-cost Slow spell. Kill an ally to summon 2 Ephemeral copies of it.
  • Castigate: 7-cost Slow spell. Kill all followers.

At first glance, Soul Cleave is an extremely powerful card to help you summon other cards on the board. It provides strong synergy with on-summon effect cards like Rekindler and cards with 'Strike' abilities like Gwen. Given its low mana price, we do not doubt that a cost nerf is on the horizon.

Castigate will hugely benefit from decks that run 'on-death' effect cards like Xerath. However, it's extremely cost-heavy, so be sure to play it at the right moment if you want to extract the most value from it.

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